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Profoot The 2 Oz Miracle Custom Molding Insoles  Foot Care

Profoot The 2 Oz Miracle Custom Molding Insoles - 1 Pair

Men's sizes 8-13, Provides fast relief of sore feet with 100% memory foam for Mens.

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    ProFoot the 2 oz Miracle custom molding insoles
    • 100% Vita-foam.
    • 2-layer orthotic design.
    • Customized comfort and support.

    Try the insole that learns the shape of your foot.

    • Fast relief for sore feet.

    How it works: Specifically designed for problem feet, it features unique 2-layer orthotic design to mold exactly to the shape of your feet and ease pain.

    • The bottom layer acts like a firm supporting shock absorber. It lifts the arch and stabilizes the heel while cushioning impact from walking or running.
    • The secret is in the top layer. The upper layer is advanced memory-foam that learns the shape of your foot as you walk.
    • Within an hour, the insole creates a custom fit to any pair of shoes.
    • Ultra-light to prevent fatigue unlike other heavy inserts.

    The benefits of a custom fit: A custom fit inside shoes offers numerous health benefits.

    • Locking the foot in its natural position improves comfort and reduces fatigue.
    • A custom fit also helps eliminate friction (that burning feeling), the cause of corns, calluses and blisters.
    • Most of all, the custom fit feels great.
    • Test for fit.
    • If needed, use trimming guide on underside of each insole for custom fit.
    • May be used in place of existing insoles.

    If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your Physician or Podiatrist before use.

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