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Polident 5-Minute Denture Cleanser Tablets - 40 Ea
  • Polident 5-Minute Denture Cleanser Tablets - 40 Ea
  • Polident 3 Minute Denture Cleanser Tablets, 40 ea - AXGSK05306-11692

Polident 3 Minute Denture Cleanser Tablets, 40 ea

Denture Cleanser. Cleans stains and controls denture odor.

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    • Polident Tablets More effervescence!
    • Polident cleans where brushing can miss.
    • Cleans tough stains.
    • Controls denture odor.
    • Polident Tablets Clean feeling all day.
    • Thorough cleaning in only 3 minutes.
    • Leaves dentures minty fresh. Powerful 2-layered tablet removes tough stains and controls denture odor in only 3 minutes. Removes food particles that can cause denture odor. Powerful Cleaning Formula. Thoroughly cleans in only 3 minutes for long lasting protection. Cleans even in between denture material to remove food particles brushing can miss. Controls Denture Odor - Kills germs that can cause denture odor. Leaves Dentures Minty Fresh - Minty mouthwash ingredient. Contains baking soda to clean and freshen.
    FOR DAILY USE: Drop 1 Polident tablet into a denture bath or glass containing enough warm water (not hot) to cover dentures. Allow dentures or removable bridge to soak in green effervescing solution for 3 minutes. After soaking in green solution for 3 minutes, rinse dentures with running water. For best results, brush dentures using the Polident solution and rinse again. For clean, minty fresh dentures, use Polident at least once a day. Your dentures may be safely soaked in Polident solution overnight.

    Keep tablets out of the reach of children. Do not place tablets in the mouth.

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