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DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks, Mint, Oral Hygiene

Dentek Triple Clean Floss Picks, Mint - 90 Ea

Helps to removes plaque and prevent gingivitis.

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    Clean 3 ways with DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks. The mint waxed floss effectively removes plaque, the unique tongue scraper freshens breath, and the textured pick removes food and stimulates gums. Dentek combines the effectiveness of Rolled Floss with the convenience of floss picks. Clinically proven.
    Flossing made easy
  • Mint Waxed Floss: effectively removes plaque and helps prevent gingivitis.
  • Tongue Scraper: removes germs that cause bad breath.
  • Pick: contoured to remove annoying food particles and stimulate gums.


  • Flossing Instructions: Gently slide floss up and down between teeth allowing the floss to wrap around teeth. Clean above and below the gum line.
  • Tongue Scraping Instructions: Extend your tongue. Place the Tongue Scraper on the back of your tongue and pull forward, skimming the surface of your tongue.
  • Pick instructions: Place pick between teeth and gently press against the gum. Use an in and out motion to remove food particles and stimulate gums.


    Adult supervision is recommended until the age of 10, Gums may bleed when you first begin to floss. If bleeding persists or gums remain red and swollen, see your dentist. Dispose of floss pick after use.
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