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Johnson and Johnson reach dentotape waxed ribbon dental floss, Oral Hygiene
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Reach Dentotape Unflavored Waxed Ribbon Dental Floss 100 Yards

Gives you extra cleaning for effective plaque removal.






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    Johnson and Johnson reach dentotape waxed ribbon dental floss :
    • Designed especially for cleaning wide spaces between teeth.
    • It is extra wide cleaning surface.
    • ADA Accepted - American Dental Association.
    • The floss dentists use most.
    • Dentotape waxed ribbon floss gives you extra cleaning surface for effective plaque removal.
    • Flossing has been clinically proven to clean away the plaque from between teeth that brushing and rinsing cant remove.


    Take an 18-inch piece of floss and wind it around the middle finger of each hand. Grasp floss firmly between thumb and index finger of each hand. Curve floss around tooth. Use an up-and-down motion to clean each side of the tooth and under the gum line. Move to a clean piece of floss by winding from one finger to another. Repeat cleaning procedure for each tooth.

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