Smartmouth 24 Hours Original Mouthwash Packets, Fresh Breath - 10 Ea

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Smart mouth 24 Hours Original mouthwash packets, fresh breath

  • Effectively fight against dental problems and bad breath
  • Easily get rid of it by rinsing mouth with this mouthwash
  • Provides 12 hour protection against bad breath and gives fresh breath throughout day
  • Helps avoid embarrassment from obnoxious morning breath
  • Will not stain teeth, fillings or dentures
  • Smart mouth mouthwash eliminates and prevents bad breath for 12 hours after each rinse
  • Rinse in the morning for fresh breath all day and rinse at night and wake up with fresh breath.

Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

  • Remove the top of the packet by tearing at the notch.
  • Empty solution 1 and 2 into mixing cup or directly into mouth.
  • Immediately and vigorously rinse for 30 to 60 seconds, gargle and spit out.
  • SmartMouth Mouthwash may cause discoloration of certain fabrics.
  • Although SmartMouth is completely safe, do not swallow.
  • Store at room temperature.


  • 5
    Great for traveling and price was good.

    Posted by Nick on Jun 22nd 2017

    This mouthwash really works as advertised. I will surely purchase it again.

  • 5

    Posted by Dr. Frank Arguello on Feb 23rd 2017

    The most effective mouth wash I have used so far, which makes me feel clean/fresh and confident.