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Arth-Rx topical analgesic arthritis pain relief lotion, Pain and Fever

Arth-Rx Topical Analgesic Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion - 3 Oz

Greater arthritis pain relief, faster and longer lasting.






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    Arth-Rx topical analgesic arthritis pain relief lotion


    • Double Action.
    • Non-Greasy.
    • Penetrating Relief.
    • Touch-Free.
    • Roll-on Applicator.

    Arth-Rx Topical Analgesic Arthristis Pain Relief is the only product to combine capsaicin with the vasodilator methyl nicotinate. Together, this means greater arthritis pain relief, faster and longer lasting.

    How it Works? When applied topically, capsaicin (a derivative of hot peppers) appears to reduce the amount of a natural chemical known as substance P, which is present in painful joints. Substance P is believed to be involved in two processes central to arthritis: the release of enzymes that produce inflammation and the transmission of pain impulses from the joints to the central nervous system. By blocking the production and release of substance P, capsaicin can reduce the pain associated with arthritis as well as dampen the transmission of pain messages to the brain.

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    Most Helpful Customer Reviews!
    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Tip Posted on 11/30/2011


    Wonderful treatment for joint soreness and desintetizer for mosquito bites.

    Sandy Martin Posted on 11/30/2011

    I had ordered before but never in winter

    I had ordered before but never in winter. When I received this package, one of the bottles had leaked out. I do not know if it had been frozen to cause that. Will try to wait until warmer weather to order...

    MarilynSnIL Posted on 11/25/2011

    Roll on application makes this product very easy to use

    After a fall on ice several years ago, I began having arthritis pain in my lower back. My first experience with Arth-Rx (after hearing about it being so good) was beyond belief. While shopping in the mall, my lower back started bothering me. The pain was so intense, it was very hard to walk (dragging one leg). I knew I couldn't go much farther and still had much shopping to do before going home. As I was passing a drug store, I went in and bought a bottle of Arth-Rx. My next stop was to a rest room where I could go in and apply the Arth_Rx to my lower back. Almost INSTANT RELIEF. I was then able to finish my shopping in comfort. Now in need of another bottle, I am ordering one now from

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