Keep This Title: Massengill Disposable Douche Extra Cleaning Vinegar And Water, Twin Pack, Feminine Hygiene

Massengill Disposable Douche Extra Cleaning Vinegar And Water, Twin Pack- 6 Oz

Smooth rounded tip for easy, comfortable insertion and use.

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    Massengill Douche
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    • Effective cleansing
    • Fresh and gentle formula
    • Feeling clean and confident
    Massengill disposable douche, with extra cleaning vinegar and water
    • Massengill disposable douche with country flowers are not medically necessary.
    • May want to douche:
    • After menstrual period.
    • After sexual intercourse.
    • To wash away left over vaginal medications (if instructed by your doctor).
    • To wash away residues from contraceptive jellies or creams (check contraceptive instructions first.
    • As some must be left in the vaginal area for a certain period of time after sex).
    • The redesigned Massengill nozzle is specially designed for a womans body.
    • No nozzle has been so thoroughly researched and tested.
    • For the comfort and cleansing of a womans intimate area.
    • Smooth rounded tip for easy, comfortable insertion and use.
    • Holes positioned for effective cleansing.
    • Channels allow for continuous rinsing.
    • Fresh and gentle formula.
    • Massengill is formulated to match the pH range of healthy women.
    • Trust massengill to help feel completely clean and fresh.
    • Massengill offers a variety of douches to meet personal hygiene needs:
    • Three natural ingredient, hypoallergenic formulas:Extra mild vinegar and water, extra cleansing vinegar and water, and baking soda and water.
    • Four delicately fragranced formulas with the gentle cleansing ingredient.
    • Effectal: Country flowers, fresh mountain breeze, fresh baby powder scent, and spring rain freshness.
    • Massengill medicated with preservative-free, fragrance-free cepticin.
    • Whichever choose, it will leave feeling clean, fresh, and confident.
    • Massengill assurance of quality.
    • The only way to get massengills quality is to buy massengill products.
    • If donot see this seal, it is not massengill and may not be produced to massengills high standards.
    • This seal assures getting the high quality, care, and expertise that has earned womens trust for over 80 years.

    Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

    • Use while sitting on the toilet or standing in the shower.
    • Do not use lying down. Hold bottle upright and twist off flat tab at top.
    • Remove nozzle from wrapper and screw nozzle onto bottle until firmly attached. Do not overtighten.
    • Gently insert the nozzle about 3 inches into your vagina.
    • Never force the nozzle.
    • Squeeze bottle gently, letting the solution rinse the vagina and flow freely from the body.
    • Avoid closing the vagina.
    • After douching, throw away bottle and nozzle.
    • Douching is not medically necessary.
    • Douching does not prevent pregnancy and does not prevent or treat sexually transmitted diseases (STD), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or other genital infection.
    • An association has been reported between douching and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy (EP), tubal infertility, chlamydia, and bacterial vaginosis (BV). These conditions require immediate medical attention.
    • Do Not Use This Product: If you are experiencing any vaginal condition, such as discharge, burning, itching, pain, discomfort or any of the symptoms listed on the package insert.
    • For self-treatment of any unusual vaginal symptoms.
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