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E.P.T Digital Early Pregnancy Test, Family Planning

E.P.T Digital Early Pregnancy Test - 2 Ea

Certainity home pregnancy test can use any time of day.

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    • Over 99% accurate
    • Easy to read digital results
    e.p.t digital early pregnancy test
    • Over 99% accurate.
    • Test early - 5 days before your missed period.
    • Quick results - in minutes.
    • Easy-to-read digital results.
    • Unmistakable - Pregnant or Not pregnant read-out.

    Over 99% accurate from the day of expected period at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels. Note that hormone levels vary. See leaflet.

    The e.p.t. digital pregnancy test can be used up to 4 days before your expected period, which is 5 days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to test.

    The test stick must be inserted into the holder before doing the test. You can test at any time of day. e. p. t Certainty Digital Pregnancy Test consists of a holder and a test stick. The test stick(s) must only be used with the e. p. t Certainty Digital Pregnancy Test holder included in this pack. To assemble, locate and line up the PURPLE arrows on the test stick and holder. Insert the test stick into the holder until it clicks into place.

    Do not use until the TEST READY symbol appears:

    If symbol does not appear, the test stick has not been inserted correctly. Remove the test stick and re-insert it carefully. The TEST READY symbol will begin to FLASH 20-30 seconds after urine is applied, indicating the test is processing. DO NOT EJECT the test stick. Keep the absorbent tip pointing downward or lie the test flat. Replace the cap and wipe off any urine that may have splashed on the holder. If your result is 'Not Pregnant'. As. You may now press the EJECT button to remove the test stick. Your result will remain on the display for one hour.

    Disposing of your e. p. t Certainty Digital Pregnancy Test:

    Once your result has been displayed, dispose of the test stick with your normal household waste. To do this, press the eject button on the holder. The test stick will automatically be released. When you eject the test stick you may notice one or two blue lines on the stick. These must be disregarded; only refer to the display on the holder. The test stick is not reusable. If you bought a pack containing a holder and only one test stick, dispose of both the test stick and the holder with your normal household waste.

    Using the holder again:

    If you bought a pack containing a holder and more than one test stick, you can use the holder again. While testing, the holder may have been splashed with some urine. Be sure that you wipe it clean. A further test is not possible while your result or certain error symbols are on the display. The results will be displayed for up to one hour before clearing. When you are ready to use the holder again, repeat the instructions from step 1. Refill test stick packs are not available for use with the holder. Store at 36-86 (2-30C). for in-vitro diagnostic use. (Not for internal use).

    • For in-vitro diagnostic use.
    • Not for internal use.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not use if the foil wrapper containing the test is damaged.
    • Do not use a test that is past its expiration date.
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