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Betadine Solution Topical Antiseptic Bactericide Liquid, First Aid OTC
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    MANUFACTURER: PURDUE FREDERICK COBetadine Solution Topical Antiseptic Bactericide LiquidKills bacteria and antibiotic resistant organisms as well as fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa.Extremely effective for de germing skin, mucous membranes and wound.Fast acting broad spectrum antiseptic solution.Solution does not contain stain skin or natural fabrics.

    Betadine First Aid Antiseptic Spray With 5% Povidone Iodine, First Aid OTC
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      Betadine First Aid Antiseptic Spray With 5% Povidone Iodine Helps to reduce infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burnsStops pain, soothes and cools instantlyAnti-bacterial action kills germs to help reduce infectionMaximum strength formula brings fast reliefKills germs promptly in minor cuts, scrapes and burnsContains 5% povidone-iodineHelps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause skin infection. ...

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