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Alpha betic Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin Capsules, Vitamins
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MANUFACTURER: ABKIT INC . INDICATIONS: Alpha Lipoic Acid has earned a reputation for its ability to support glucose metabolism, provide antioxidant protection and support healthy nerve function. Alpha Lipoic Acid is often referred to as a metabolic antioxidant because of its ability to recycle and re-power vitamins C & E and Glutathione. It‘s also known for having the ability to metabolize glucose to create usable energy. Alpha betic Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin Capsule is an...

Alpha betic cinnamon chromium and biotin caplets for daibetic health, Diet and Nutritional Supplements
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MANUFACTURER: ABKIT INC . INDICATIONS: Alpha betic Cinnamon is a unique and efficacious combination of Cinnamon, Chromium and Biotin. All three ingredients have been shown to support the health of individuals suffering from diabetes or struggling to lose weight. Alpha betic Cinnamon Chromium & Biotin promotes healthy glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health. Each serving has a clinical dose of 1, 000 mg Cinnamon, 600 mcg Chromium and 300 mcg Biotin. Cinnamon - Research indicates that...

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