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Balanceuticals Kidney Clean Capsules, Condition Specific Supplements
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    Balanceuticals Kidney Clean CapsulesThis famous traditional formula is made from extracts of Chinese angelica, Typha pollen, Cinnamon, Trogopterorum faeces, Peony, Fennel, Corydalis, Myrrh, Ligusticum, Cinnamon, Blast fried ginger. Chinese medicine uses traditional Chinese medicine uses their special cleansing properties to promote blood circualtion, dissolve stasis and accelerate rejection of waste and toxins from kidney and urinary tract.

    Balanceuticals nephroease kidney health capsules, Pain and Fever
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      Balanceuticals nephroease kidney health capsulesMade of extracts from prepared rehmannia, fried chinese yam, slightly fried dogwood fruit, wolfberry, prepared dodder, eucommia fried with ginger juice, dongquai (angelica), cinnamon bark, prepared aconite, morinda, horny goat weed (epimedium) with deer horn (cervi cornu).This time-honored formula is used in chinese medicine for its nutritiveTonifying.Energy building.Diuretic spleen and kidney invigorating blood circulation promotingUrinary...

      Balanceuticals hair regeneration capsules, shouwu shengfa, Hair Growth, Hair Damage
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        Balanceuticals hair regeneration capsulesHair regeneration shouwu Shengfa (60 capsules/bottle) Made of extracts from prepared rehmannia, Chinese angelica (dong quai), notopterygium, Chinese quince, cnidium, common peony root, dodder, gastrodia and prepared Chinese cornbind (shou wu).Chinese medicine uses this time-honored formula to nourish the blood and supplement the kidney, inhibit bacteria, ease itching and to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.The Three Color Scheme on...

        Balanceuticals seabuckthorn seed oil softgels, Condition Specific Supplements
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          Balanceuticals seabuckthorn seed oil softgelsA herbal remedies store by itself.Anti-radiation.Antioxidan.Liver, stomach and skin health.Cardiotonic.Pro-natural healing.100 percennt natural.Dietary supplement.Co2 supercritical fluid extracted, seabuckthorn seed oil contains 106 bioactive elements. Of the 14 fatty acids almost 90 percent are unsaturated and the two essential unsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid (omega 3) and linolenic acid (omega 6) are in almost perfect 1:1 ratioIt is rich in...

          Balanceuticals seabuckthorn berry oil, Condition Specific Supplements
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            Balanceuticals seabuckthorn berry oilTheir synergetic effects include cell and cell membrane protection and nurturing, microcirculation enhancement, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, UV blocking, etc.It is used widely for skin, urinary, cervical, peptic, duodenal health both internally and externally.It is one of the best foods for every one.Made of wild seabuckthorn fruit oil, this product contains more than 160 nutrients including essential fatty acids including the rare palmitoleic acid...

            Balanceuticals leak control capsules, Condition Specific Supplements
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              Balanceuticals leak control capsulesul>Leak control strengthen urinary muscle and withholding power 500 mg 60 vegetarian capsules 100 percent naturalThis time-honored formula is made of extracts from prepared rehmannia root, fried common yam, chinese angelica root, cinnamon bark, prepared aconite, lindera root, goji fruit , prepaired chinese dodder seed, eucommia bark in ginger, fried antler glue, asiatic cornus fruit, alpinia fruit, mantis egg case and chinese leek seed.Chinese medicine uses...

              Balanceuticals mammary care breast consistency and health capsules, Womens Vitamins
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                Balanceuticals mammary care breast consistency and health capsulesMade of extracts from tangerine leaf, red sage root, gleditsia thorn, vaccaria seed, toosendan fruit and earthworm.This time-honored formula is used in chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and remove stasis, inhibit inflammation, and maintain healthy internal secretion and consistency of the breasts.he treating principles include soothing the liver, regulating qi, activating blood flow and resolving stasis, dispersing...

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