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Sominex Original Formula Tablets 72 ea
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    Sominex Original Formula TabletsHelps to reduce difficulty falling asleep.Single dose maximum strength formula.Wake rested and refreshed.Doctor-preferred sleep ingredient.

    Sominex Original Formula Nighttime Sleep-Aid tablets, Pain and Fever
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      Sominex Original Formula Nighttime Sleep-Aid TabletsNighttime sleep-aid DiphenhydramineDoctor-preferred sleep ingredientSingle dose maximum strength formula.

      Sominex Nighttime Sleep Aid Diphenhydramine Original formula Tablets, Pain and Fever
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        Sominex Original Formula, Nighttime sleep-aid, Diphenhydramine HCl Wake Up Rested And Refreshed TabletsProvides approximately six to eight hours of restful sleep.Helps a person fall asleep 38% faster than normal.No effect of the drug upon awakening the next morning.Helps reduce difficulty falling asleep.

        Sominex Sleep Aid Maximum Strength Caplets, Pain and Fever
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          Sominex Sleep Aid Maximum Strength CapletsSominex is a clinically proven sleep aid designed to relieve occasional sleeplessness.If are having trouble getting a good nights sleep due to stress, changes in lifestyle, or an interruption to normal sleeping routine, sleep aids or sleeping tablets may be able to help.Sominex is a night-time sleep aid which has been created to assist in correcting temporary disturbances in normal sleep pattern, such as:Difficulty getting to sleepDifficulty staying...

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