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Medquip fingertip pulse oximeter #MQ3000 - 1 ea
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    INDICATIONS:Medquip fingertip pulse oximeter #MQ3000 - 1 eaThe MQ3000 is intended for noninvasive spot-check oxygen saturation measurements of thearterial hemoglobin (SpO2). This product is ideal for both adult and pediatric patients.Features:SpO2%, and Pulse Rate Large LED DisplayEasy to UseTests both Pediatric and AdultLight, Compact DesignPocket Size ConvenienceWeight is 50g including batteriesPowered by two AAA batteriesLow Battery indicatorAuto Power OffProduct Specifications:LED...

    Gentle feed Dual Channel Breast Pump Electric, Feeding and Nursing
    Retail: $121.78
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    Item #: 985481 -

      Gentle feed Dual Channel Breast Pump Electric Adjustable multi-level suctionIncludes soft silicone cushion breast cup for optimum comfortAnti-backflow system prevents milk from entering motorBottle feeding adapter kit and storage container with lidConvenient carrying bag.

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