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Nose Better non-greasy aromatic relief gel, Cough and Cold
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    MANUFACTURER: OAKHURST CO. INDICATIONS: Nose Better Non-Greasy Aromatic Relief Gel soothes your tender nose outside. Penetrating vapors relieve nose inside. Refreshing, Non-Greasy, Moisturizing. Now, Relief Right Under Your Nose. Head Cold, Sore Nose, Chafed Nose, Allergy, Chapped Nose, Dryness. Created specifically for year-round nose care, dermatologist tested dual-action Nose Better gel soothes and relieves soreness under your nose and around and inside your nostrils. Penetrating cooling...

    Nose Better Natural Mist Moisturizing Spray - 1 oz
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    Item #: AXOK12065-197103 -

      MANUFACTURER: OAKHURST CO. INDICATIONS: Nose Better Natural Mist Moisturizing Spray provides prompt relief from nasal dryness, discomfort and irritation due to: dry air (low humidity), dust, smoke, air pollution, air conditioning, winter home heat, high altitudes, travel, oxygen therapy and overuse of decongestant sprays. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Water; Glycerin; Potassium Phosphate; Sodium Chloride; Fragrance; Disodium EDTA; Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose; Sodium Hydroxide;...

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