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Skittles Bite Size Candies, Sour, Chocolates & Candy
Retail: $35.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: AXCX687913[24] -

    MANUFACTURER: MASTERFOODS US . INDICATIONS: Skittles Bite Size Candies are perfect for enjoying while relaxing at home, watching TV or just hanging out with friends. These great candies are perfect for sharing with family and friends as well. INGREDIENTS: Sugar , Corn Syrup , Citric Acid , Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil , Apple Juice from Concentrate , Dextrin Less than 1% , Artificial Flavors Less than 1% , Natural Flavors Less than 1% , Gelatin Less than 1% , Food Starch-Modified Less than 1%...

    Skittles Original Fruit Flavor  Candy, Candy and Lollipops
    Retail: $41.40
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: AXCX405415(36) -

      Skittles Original Fruit Flavor Candy Taste the Rainbow Original bold fruit flavors include orange, lemon, green apple, grape, and strawberry.Perfect for parties, game-time snacks, or even as a topping for your favorite dessert.Use these bright, bold Skittles candies in arts-and-crafts projects or as decorations.

      Skittles Bite Size Tropical Candies, Candy and Lollipops
      Retail: $24.36
      Availability: Out of Stock
      Item #: AXQK17507 -

        Skittles Bite Size Tropical Candies Two kinds of candies in one box.Excellent source of vitamin CBite Size CandiesArtificial and natural flavorsGluten Free,Gelatin Free

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