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Medicool pen plus diabetic case - 1 ea
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    Medicool pen plus diabetic caseSafest way to transport injectable medications that require cooling.Includes refreezable gel pack.Plus - Additional compartments for testing supplies and gel pack.For vials or pens.Cools for hours.Protective pocket for meters & more.Securely holds vial, pens, syringes and many other medical supplies.Special insulating fabric allows cool air to pass through, yet prevents moisture from contacting supplies.3-Zippered compartments.Removable hand strap.Refreezable...

    Medicool Insulin Protector,
    Retail: $30.60
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    Item #: 917245 -

      Medicool Insulin ProtectorThe Medicool Insulin Protector Case keeps insulin cool for up to 16 hours.Comes with two refreezeable cooler packs.Use one while you freeze the other.Carries up to two bottles of any brand insulinProvides pockets for syringes and alcohol swabsDupont Cordura Plus material.Medicool Insulin Protector Blue keeps insulin cool for up to 16 hours.Medicool Insulin Protector Blue Most doctors recommend insulin be kept refrigerated to ensure its maximum potency.When you use the...

      Medicool Di Case Diabetic Insulin Carrying Case, Black, Diabetes Care
      Retail: $25.48
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      Item #: 722413 -

        Medicool Di Case Diabetic Insulin Carrying Case, Black Insulin case is made of lightweight aluminum with a fitted insertHandiest carrying case for transporting insulinFits comfortably in your pocket or pursePerfect for everyday useKeeps insulin and related supplies organized and portable.

        Medicool Insulin Protector Case, Black, Pill Boxes and Tablet Cutters
        Retail: $30.60
        Availability: Out of Stock
        Item #: 789289 -

          MANUFACTURER: MEDICOOL INCMedicool Insulin Protector Case, BlackKeeps insulin cool for up to 12 hours.Carries up to two bottles of any insulin.Provides pockets for syringes and alcohol swabs.Keeps cool and safe to use.

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