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Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Peaceful Patchouli Roll-On Deodorant - 3 Oz (AXTEKF0023)

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Kiss My Face liquid rock peaceful patchouli roll-on deodorantNeutralizes natural body acids in perspirationNatural, safe and effectiveIt is aluminum and paraben free. A liquid mineral crystal formula, naturally scented with lavender, in a...
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Kansas City

Best Deoderant Ever

If you are trying to find a good aluminum free deodorant, this is the best one I have ever found! The stick does not work as well, for some reason the roll on works much better. I'm a woman and the way I found this is that a guy friend of mine was wearing it and I noticed the scent and I really liked it. He told me what it was and so I started getting it for myself. Of course it doesn't protect against wetness because it's not an anti antiperspirant, but it works great against odor. I think the scent is really nice and can work for a guy or a girl.

Reviews 1-1 of 1