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Flents Ear Stopples Soft Wax-Cotton Ear Plugs  Eye and Ear Medications

Flents Ear Stopples Soft Wax-Cotton Ear Plugs - 6 Pair (34769)

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MANUFACTURER: APOTHECARY PRODUCTS.INDICATIONS:Flents ear stopples soft wax-cotton ear plugsReduces disturbing noise for a good nights sleep.Noise reduction rating 25 decibles (when used as directed).Protects hearing by reducing harmful noise.Sleep...
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Orange Ct 06477


<p>you did not send me the ear stopples printed on your review letter. You sent me an inferior brand not made in the US. I have been using ear stopples for many years.If you have the Flents that sre 25 decibles , made in the US in a blue and white box as you advertised then send them. This is fault advertising.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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