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Ovega-3 Omega-3 500 mg DHA+EPA vegetarian softgels - 60 ea

Ovega-3 Omega-3 500 Mg Dha+Epa Vegetarian Softgels - 60 Ea (AXTESS0169-SN0699983)

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Ovega-3 Omega-3 500 mg DHA+EPA vegetarian softgelsDietary Supplement.500mg..Omega-3s.DHA+EPA.Heart Healthy alternative to fish oil.From a sustainable plant source.NO fishy aftertaste.Introducing Ovega-3, an all-vegetarian DHA+EPA Omega-3 supplement...
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Softgels Support heart health from a sustainable plant source.

This is a excellent vegetarian product and alternative to fish oil. This product comes from clean, sustainable plant- based source. These capsules are easy to swallow even though they are larger in size.I would highly recommended.

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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