Hearos Xtreme Protection Series Ear Plugs, # 2427 - 28 Ear Filter

Hearos Xtreme Protection Series Ear Plugs - 14 Pairs (31542)

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Hearos xtreme protection series ear plugsXtreme protection series.Xtremely soft foam.Highest NRR 33dB.Noise Reduction Rating - 33 Decibels (when used as directed).The level of noise entering a persons ear, when hearing protector is worn as...
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Summit, NJ

best ear plugs on the market

but be careful...the are the ones with flat ends on for the exterior part of the ear. The ones with the exact same name, brand and description that have a bump on the end, don't work! Insert these properly, and you will drown out almost all of the noise around you!

Reviews 1-1 of 1