Eko Eucalyptus Oil - 1 Oz

Eko Eucalyptus Oil - 1 Oz (243063)

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Eko Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus essential oil has the germicidal effects to ease pains in muscles, joints, helps coughs and kills bacteria in sickrooms.For a sense of well being, a few drops of a blend of eucalyptus and massage oils have a cooling...
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Paterson, NJ

eucalyptus oil

An excellent, uplifting scented, natural alternative with many uses. To replace the horrible chemical products offered for use today which have side effects and destroy the earth. The price is affordable to all. I apply it directly to cuts, use it for nail problems, rashes, in home made salves, creams, remedies and even when making crafts. Also in candles and potpourri. I also put some drops (with a dropper) into my Vick's inhaler (the little tube you open and sniff to get relief when congested) the effect runs out as the liquid in the products runs out but adding several drops of this oil and shaking turns it into a much more effective and very long lasting product.

Reviews 1-1 of 1