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Lavoris mouth wash fight morning breath with Zantrate, Cinnamon, Oral Hygiene

Lavoris Mouth Wash Fight Morning Breath With Zantrate, Cinnamon, 1 Ltr (378042)

1.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
MANUFACTURER: EVERGREEN CONSUMER BRANDS.INDICATIONS: Lavoris mouth wash fight morning breath with Zantrate, CinnamonClinically Proven to Fight Morning Breath with Zantrate. It provides long lasting breath protection. It contains the ingredient...
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Lavoris is going down careful

We have used Lavoris as the best mouthwash for many years. The last two bottles we bought were terrible. They taste more like Listerine. I checked the label and found it was a new label. The ingredients and the sequence had changed. The writing on the label has also changed. The words claiming to have the least alcohol of any mouthwash have been removed. Also, the address for the distributor in Wisconsin has also been removed. I have written several times to the company to find out about it, and they do not answer my requests for information.

If you are expecting the old great mouthwash you are accustomed to getting, make sure you get the old label, or you will be very surprised. I don't know what we will do when the supply of the old formula runs out.

(I would give the old product 5 stars).

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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