Benzodent Denture Adhesive Ointment - 1 Oz

Benzodent Dental Pain Relieving Cream, 1 Oz (AXCH00534-7-24745)

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Benzodent Dental Pain Relieving Cream Benzodent provides temporary relief of pain for oral discomfort caused by braces or canker sores. With the maximum amount of benzocaine allowed in an OTC oral care product, Benzodent is the dentist-preferred...
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Tucson, AZ

Benzodent is great stuff.

Naturally, I have to advise the with any mouth sores, your dentist should be your first source for relief. That said, I have been a denture wearer for years, and when I first got my dentures, I may not have been able to endure the sore spots. But using Benzodent numbed the pain, and provided a cushion to pad the area while it healed and my mouth became accustomed to the dentures. Now, I have new dentures and the same situation applies. I am able to keep the dentures in place, ease the irritated areas and continue to eat, while I wait for my dentist to adjust the dentures after the holidays. I've only been able to find this product online, though. Not in stores.

Reviews 1-1 of 1