Lydia pinkham liquid to feel better during menstruation and menopause, Vitamins

Lydia Pinkham Liquid For Menstruation And Menopause - 16 Oz, 3 Pack (AXNU89953[3])

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Lydia pinkham liquid for menstruation and menopauseFeatures:The medication contains 7 natural medicinal herbs traditionally found to be beneficial in menstrual and menopausal distressIn addition, it provides iron, calcium and vitamins C and E to...
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My period has been pretty easy going most of my life, though in the past few years (late 20-early 30s) I have had heavier flow, backpain, headaches, irritability, and extreme fatigue. My mom, an RN, has been telling me to take Lydia Pinkham for as long as I've been complaining. She finally just bought me a bottle and made me take it. It made it sooo much better! Every month it seemed like my period got a lil easier when I would take it. Then my mom told me I should take it every day and that when it would come on, it wouldn't give any trouble at all. When I finally listened and started taking it daily, I found that my period lasts shorter and is much easier than before. This is a true lifesaver. Make sure you take it daily!

Reviews 1-1 of 1