Critic - Aid anorectal skin protectant,thick moisture barrier paste, Home Health Care

Critic - Aid Anorectal Skin Protectant,Thick Moisture Barrier Paste - 6 Oz (701672)

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MANUFACTURER: COLOPLAST. INDICATIONS: Critic - Aid Anorectal Skin Paste provides temporary relief for irritation or burning in the perineal area caused by severe incontinence such as in chronic diarrhea, fistulas or drain tubes. Adheres to denuded...
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used for rash due to severe diarea

This stuff works so great and cleared up almost the entire rash in about 24 hours. The hospital gave us this when the baby had to be admitted due to a viral infection that caused dehydration. I love this product, we had tried everything at home from perscribed medication to old "home remidies" like corn starch and none cleared it up very well at all, but this was like a miricle. I would recemend this to anyone who has a child who due to illness has a rash.

Reviews 1-1 of 1