Rewards Program

Reward Points: Shopping Made Rewarding..!

We would like to offer you Bonus Reward Points on every Purchase you do at our store. We are presenting with Loyalty Rewards that allows you to collect Loyalty Rewards Points on your purchase. Its simple, Buy any item by placing an order and earn reward points for that purchase. Redeem them on your next purchase as 1 point is valued at $0.05.

Enjoy 1 Reward Point for every $1 spent.

Details of this program:

Buy the items for the worth of $100 in our online store, We process and ship your order. Then will reward your purchase with 100 bonus points and activate these points after 30 days from the above order date of purchase.

Redeemable Value: 100 points x $0.05 = $5.00 will be given to you as cash back which can be redeemable on your next purchase.

We are offering this promotion to our returning customers who opt-in for placing repeated orders - The best value for their money and also as our gift to you for returning back to to place an order with us. Win - Win situation here.

Experience a whole new world of shopping with the Reward Points program and great options to redeem your Reward Points across various items from Health & Beauty and more..!

2 Ways to earn Reward Points at

  • Shop Place an order. Earn 1 Reward Point for every$1 you spent on items at checkout.
  • Earn 20 points for Reviewing Myotcstore items in the Product detail Page by clicking the "Write A Review" link.
    Note: Reviewer must log-in to their account and place the review to get eligible for this program.

Reward Points

How to Redeem Reward Points?:

Earn Bonus Reward Points on every purchase and redeem them on your next purchase Automatically. *Conditions Apply
Win back reward points for your loyalty with us.

Reward Points

Reward Points

How it Works?:

  • Place an order with us.
  • Earn points from the order value once order processing is complete & shipped. Earn 1 point on every $1 you spent for item value.
  • After 30 days of your fulfilled order date, you will get your reward points as Cash Back in Your account. Redeem them for the next order.
  • Bonus Points are valid for 365 days from the date which they are actually activated/earned.

Account Summary

Terms & Conditions:

  • You will earn reward points automatically after completion of your order processing and shipping.
  • You will be get reward points amount as cash back which can be redeemable in against next order.
  • cannot accept returns/exchanges and Cancellation of orders on this promotion.
  • All orders should be successfully processed and shipped to get eligible for this program.
  • This promotion will be available only for customers. (Registered Customers Only)
  • Shipping Fee is not calculated under this program. No Rewards points for the shipping charge you paid.
  • has the right to revoke or cancel this program at any time.
  • Please add our store email id to your email SPAM settings to not to miss our promotion emails.
  • Orders placed before July 1st, 2013 will not be counted into this program.