Curad Extra Strength 1.5 Inches Sports Tape - 10 Yards

Curad extra strength 1.5 inches sports tape helps provide support for existing injuries.
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    Curad extra strength 1.5 inches sports tape:

    These are designed to provide effective adhesion for many different functions. Curads Ouchless tapes are stretchy and do not stick to the skin but to itself allowing dressing application in hard to bandage areas. Extra Strength tapes provide support for injuries. The All purpose tape has easy tear capabilities and is less noticeable on the skin. With Curads complete Tape line, it is guaranteed to meet everyones needs.


    • Curad tapes are designed to provide effective adhesion for many different functions.
    • Helps prevent sprains and provide support for injuries.
    • Sports Tape Extra Strength.
    • Helps Avoid Injury.
    • Helps Provide Support for Existing Injuries.
    • 1.5 Inches x 10 yards ( 3/8 cm x 9.1m).
    • This non-elastic strong and durable adhesion.
    • Also for use on equipment such as hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis racquets and golf clubs.


    • For best results, apply to clean, dry, skin. Avoid wrapping too tightly, and stretching tape or skin. Remove tape immediately if swelling or numbness occurs. Smooth tape as its applied to avoid wrinkles that could cause irritation or blisters. Each layer should overlap by a third and gaps between strips should be avoided.
    • Ankle Taping: with foot at 90 Degrees angle, place two anchor strips around lower calf. It starts at the inner leg smooth 5 to 6 strips from the anchor strips, around the heel and up to the other side of the anchor strips in a progressively overlapping manner. Wrap 5 to 6 locking strips above the ankle to cover the stirrup strips and hold them in place. In order to lock heel, start a new piece of tape at instep and wrap around foot-arch, heel and ankle in a repetitive figure 8 pattern. Wrap 2 or 3 times. To provide additional support and cover edges of tape, take individual strips and wrap once around the leg in an ascending manner. Repeat until you have reached the top of the anchor strips around the foot and lower leg as needed and ensure that no open spaces or weak spots are present.
    • Finger Taping: Place a gauze pad or small piece of felt between the injured fingers. Apply one piece of tape around the fingers close to the base of the fingers. Apply another close to the tips of the fingers. Ensure the middle joints are not taped over to allow some bend.
    • Wrist Taping: Have patient hold a hand in a neutral position. Apply tape in a circular motion around the narrow part of the wrist to support small bones in wrist or lower portion of forearm.


    This product contains dry natural rubber.

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