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SaltAire Sinus Relief Dispenser Bottle - 14 Oz

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SaltAire Sinus Relief Dispenser relieves the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies.
Retail: $12.99
Our Price:$12.45
You Save: $0.54 (4.2%)
    Reward Points on this item:12
    Availability: Discontinued

    Item Discontinued. Cannot Ship.
    • UPC : 351817602230


    SaltAire Sinus Relief Dispenser Bottle is a pre-mixed, drug free, saline irrigation solution that helps clear blocked nasal passages and relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies. SALTAIRE washes away dust, mold, pollens as well as other allergens and pollutants. The smooth, non-irritating formula and unique dispensing bottle make nasal irrigation incredibly convenient and pleasant. Included dispensing bottle allows it to be used without an irrigation unit such as the Hydro Pulse. Ideal as a travel backup.


    Mixture of purified water, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, dibasic sodium phosphate, benzethonium chloride and trisodium EDTA. The ingredients are buffered to insure a gentle cleansing wash of the sinus cavities.

    Hold SaltAire bottle upright in palm with bellows facing away from you. Place index and middle fingers over flat end of bellows (see illustration). Bend forward over a sink or in the shower, so that you are looking at the sink bottom or the shower floor. Hold the tip of the spout up to one nostril so that it makes very light contact with the nose. Aim the tip at the back of your head, not at the top of your head (see illustration). Gently squeeze or pump the bellows with your fingers to deliver the solution into your nose. Do not inhale while squeezing bottle. After several seconds the solution will fill that side of your nose and exit either from the same or opposite nostril. If you lean far enough forward the solution will NOT enter your throat and should NOT be tasted. Repeat this process in the opposite nostril.

    Shipping Weight : 1.70 lb

    Must item for allergy sufferers

    When I got the sinus head ache, I have used this nasalcrom. It works like magic and it has no side effects.


    Good product

    I had used this Allergy &Hay fever Reliever for my pet animals,it worked great in curing the allergy.I would highly recommended it.. It quickly relieves the problem..


    Excellent product for storage

    This stand is used for storage and drying of Neil rinse squeeze bottle.Stand's base is used for salt storage.It keeps system clean.


    Best Nasal spray..

    Highly recommend, Good to use the nasal passages moist, This gel spray really works. I'd been using nasal spray, but it wasn't helping with extreme dryness. This helped immediately -on first use.

    It's okay

    Zyrtec worked better than Claritin.