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To Go Brands Healthy To Go Greens, Delicious Fruit - 6 Packets

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With oat beta glucan, the USDA patented fiber and supports healthier cholesterol levels.
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    • UPC: 850197001195
    • Real fruits and vegetables
    • No added sugar
    To Go Brands Healthy To Go Greens, Delicious Fruit
    • Real fruits and vegetables
    • No added sugar
    • A salad bar and antioxidant power of 6 servings of fruits and veggies.
    • Dietary supplement

    ortified with oat beta glucan, the USDA patented fiber that supports healthier cholesterol levels.

    100% natural, made with organic ingredients, and contains no MSG or glutamates, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavorings and no genetically modified organisms.

    contains no added sugar, and has a low glycemic load, adding only 6 carbs and 32 calories per serving.

    uses no animal products. Suitable for vegans.

    hypo-allergic, containing no wheat, soy protein, egg, or dairy.

    Low temperature freeze-dried and spray-dried to preserve antioxidant power and enzymes.

    100% natural, instant drink mix, made with certified organic fruits and vegetables of all the antioxidant colors. Each convenient single serving 8 gram travel packet of Healthy To Go Go Greens Fruit supplies natures antioxidant power of up to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables!

    Vitafiber (Isomalto-oligosaccharides naturally made from tapioca starch and non-GMO corn and/or potato starch), Oat Beta Glucan, Natural Flavors (plant based), Citric Acid, Silica (as a flow agent, Xanthan Gum.

    Just add 1 packet to approximately 8-16 fl oz of bottled water (to taste preference), shake, and enjoy. For best results take a couple of drinks from a water bottle before adding packets.

    Shipping Weight : 0.80 lb

    This product helps my body to work correctly, it makes me feel fresh.

    This is the only product that cleanse my digestive system with out any side effects. It is good enough that i do not get any stomach upset or diarrhea. I love this flavor and it works great. I would definitely recommend this product.


    The vegetarian capsules restores digestive balance and promotes immun e health.

    These capsules are designed to resist stomach acid. It works really great and keeps me balanced. This probiotic has changed my entire digestive track. This product has made my mild digestive problems disappear pretty much.


    It replenishes good bacteria to promote overall digestive health.

    I recommend this product for those who are suffering from digestive consequences of pain medication. These capsules works well for me. There are no side effects. I feel better after taking these capsules. This is a good probiotic that works gently.


    It helps to promote balanced digestive system. This is a life saver for me.

    It helps the probiotics to stay alive. These caplets keep the stomach healthy. This is one of the best probiotics. These pillls are easy to swallow. This product works for me and i felt better about this product.


    I have been using this wonderful product for a few years now. I highly recommend it.

    I have been very pleased with how gently it works overnight. I love this product. It is gentle and very effective. The recovery time was much faster and I was much more comfortable while healing. Works good and easy on the stomach. No cramping.