SnoreStop Extinguisher Spray, Maximum Strength - 30 ea

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Dual therapeutic action helps shrink swollen soft tissues.
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    • Fast-acting relief
    • Convenient oral spray
    • Helps dry built-up mucous
    SnoreStop Extinguisher Spray, Maximum Strength
    • Oil-free SnoreStop formula in a convenient oral spray for fast-acting relief.
    • The SnoreStop Extinguisher targets swollen soft tissue in the back of the throat and in the mouth.
    • Dual therapeutic action helps shrink swollen soft tissues in the throat where up to 80% of non-apneic snoring symptoms occur and temporarily helps dry built-up mucous in the sinus passages.
    • No side effects.
    • No rebound effects.
    • Non drowsy.
    • No drug interaction.
    • Non-habit forming.
    • No contraindications.
    • No Animal Testing.
    • Our ingredients generally do not contain any Gluten.
    • Vegan Friendly.

    Active Ingredients

    Nux Vomica 4x (digestive): This plant (Quaker buttons) given homeopathically, helps alleviate the symptoms of snoring that are brought on after excessive eating and drinking.

    Belladona 6x (anti-inflammatory):Homeopathic doses of the plant helps alleviate symptoms of snoring brought on by inflammation of the soft tissues (tongue, soft palate, uvula) and swelling of the upper respiratory system.

    Ephedra vulgaris 6x (decongestant):Frequently used in Chinese medicine, the homeopathic dosage of this plant helps relieve the symptoms of snoring that are due to excessive sinus drainage. Net Weight: 0.04 micrograms per tablet.

    Hydrastis Canadensis 6x (mucolytic action):Also known as Goldenseal, the root of this plant is used widely in herbal medicine. At HPUS 6x Hydrastis helps alleviate the symptoms of snoring that are brought on by thick, tenacious mucus in the sinuses.

    Kali Bichromicum 6x (anti-inflammatory):Homeopathic doses of the mineral bichromate of potash aids in alleviating symptoms of snoring brought on by inflammation of the frontal sinuses. Teucrium marum 6x (mucolytic action).

    Also known as Cat-thyme, this plant given homeopathically, helps reduce the symptoms of snoring caused by mucus congestion in the sinuses.

    Histaminum hydrochloricum 12x (anti-histaminic) A dilution of this amino acid protein assists in alleviating the symptoms of snoring associated with allergic reactions.

    Inactive Ingredients

    75% water, 15% Alcohol (100 micro centiliters per spray) 9.9% Glycerin and 0.1% of Potassium sorbate. The glycerin is from vegetable source. 99.7% pure UPS Pharma grade, Natural, GMO Free and Kosher certified.

    • Shake before each use. At bedtime, spray once under the tongue and once in the back of the throat.
    • For Maximum Results, use in conjunction with Snorestop NasoSpray.
    • Please discard 6 months after first use.
    • Store each SnoreStop product at 68-77°F (20-25°C).
    • Use only as directed.Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not use on children under 5 years of age.
    • If pregnant or breastfeeding,ask a physician before use.
    • This product product does not treat sleep apnea.
    • For sleep apnea, consult with a specialist
    • If symptoms worsen after 14 days, discontinue use and ask a physician for help.
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    Works great

    This nose spray helps to keep the sinuses clean and irrigated and helps to prevent my allergies from developing into sinusitis. I like the fact that it's buffered and doesn't irritate like some other products. It is an absolutely wonderful product and from a very recommendable seller. Definitely would do business with the seller again.


    <p>why in the hell, I have been using this product (shit) for 40 + years and all of a sudden the execs don't make enough money' I used to buy this shit for a dollar 98 now it's 10.00 bull shit inflation hasn't hit that hard or is it OBAMA HEALTH AKA YOU ARE ....&nbsp;</p>


    Please return the product.

    Used Nasa Mist Spray several times. It was very effective. However, the sprayer stopped spraying. There is about 3/4 bottle left. Now what??


    Sprayer defective so product is useless. Email to company did not even get a response which is an indication of their concern for consumers of their products.


    Excellent Product!

    Ponaris was recommended to me by my internist many years ago for nasal dryness brought on by chronic allergic rhinitis. And it really does work well especially if I just use it at night right before I go to sleep. After instilling it in both nostrils, I tilt my chin up for a minute or two so the Ponaris goes up into my sinuses and that's about it! Very helpful in the cold weather with indoor heating drying everything out. And in the spring & fall when allergy season starts. has the best price I've found which is great because I really hate to be without it! - Worldwide Shipping, Secure Online Shopping & Eezy Returns. Shop now.