Health Plus Colon Cleanse Orange Flavor Stevia - 9 Oz

Healthy Sweetener Without Calories.
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    • Sweetened with Stevia
    • Sugar Free
    • 100% Natural
    Health Plus Colon Cleanse Orange Flavor, Stevia
    • Sweeter Than Table Sugar
    • All Natural Ingredients
    • Contains 38 Servings
    Recommended For:
    • Fiber Intake
    • Regularity
    • Low Carb Diets
    • Diabetic and Cholesterol Management

    Maintain Regularity # 1 in a series of 8 body cleansing products from Health Plus.

    Soluble fiber from foods such as Psyllium Husk, as a part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease, A serving of Colon Cleanse supplies 4 grams of the 7 grams of soluble fiber from Psyllium Husk necessary per day to have this effect.

    The next step in internal cleansing:

    While continuing with Colon Cleanse, also use the next 7 products in the Total body Cleansing System:

    • Liver Cleanse
    • Kidney Cleanse
    • Blood Cleanse
    • Adrenal Cleanse
    • Heart Cleanse
    • Joint Cleanse
    • Prostate Cleanse

    Supplement Facts:

    Supplement Facts

    Other ingredients:

    Citric acid, tartaric acid, orange flavor, stevia leaf extract.

    Suggested use for individuals who lack fiber in their diet. Adults:

    • For persons 150 pounds and more:1 heaping tablespoon three times daily.
    • For persons under 150 pounds:1 tablespoon twice daily.
    • Mix with 8 oz of water, juice or your favorite beverage.
    • Drink immediately.

    Children:(6-12 years) half the adult dose.

    As a means of adding beneficial fiber to your diet, Colon Cleanse Orange may be taken every day.

    Suggested use for weight management:
    • Take one tablespoon (approx. 7 g) about half an hour before every meal, with a least 8 oz of water, juice or your favorite beverage.
    • Psyllium Husk promotes a feeling of fullness, which will help you to eat less at mealtime.
    • It also provides fiber that helps in good bowel movements that are essential for weight management.
    • For best results, combine Colon Cleanse whenever possible with a healthy lifestyle including sufficient exercise, a lot of water consumption and a sensible balanced diet that suits your needs.
    • This food should be eaten with at least a full glass of liquid.
    • Eating this product without enough liquid may cause choking.
    • Do not eat this product if you have difficulty swallowing.
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    Nollete lidie

    This fiber drink mix helps to promote regularity of daily bowel movements

    This fiber drink relieves occasional constipation. It helps to remove digestive toxins. This fiber drink is so gentle and it completely dissolves in water. The taste of this fiber drink is pleasing. I would highly recommend this product.

    Stolz lila

    This is a great gentle iron supplement.

    These iron tablets are mineral rich food base, enhances iron absorption. Vitamin C also is in the pill. These are easy to swallow, easily digested iron supplements. I really highly recommend this product.

    George Vanissa

    This tablets promote healthy flora balance, normal digestion and intense cleaning.

    This is the best candida formula i have found. This product has essentially every herb that has ever been used to kill candida. This pill is easy to swallow. It has also herbs that kills parasites. I highly recommended it.

    Edwin Silver

    This product is a comprehensive food and herbal blend for additional digestive support

    This is a fantastic supplement, i absolutely love these enzymes. these enzymes work so well for me. I highly recommend this one for those who want a good digestive enzyme for daily use.

    Mejias jeff

    I highly recommend this product for digestive issues.

    These capsules support daily digestive health, regularity and immune function. This is a soft, small capsule which dissolves easily. My abdomen issues and lower back pain is cured. This product is very gentle on my stomach and there are no side effects. Highly recommended.