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    • For sensitive skin & for at work
    • Medium / Larger fits most noses

    Health right breathe clear nasal strips, Clear
    • Clear Strips: for sensitive skin & for at work.
    • Medium / Larger fits most noses.
    • With a special Latex Free, Hypoallergenic fabric.
    • Relieves Nasal Congestion.
    • Helps Eliminate Snoring.
    • No Stiff Plastic Across Noses.
    • Reduce Ronquidos Y Congestion.
    Each color of Breathe Clear Nasal Strips has Unique Features and Benefits.

    The Neutral and Natural Tan Breathe Clear Nasal Strips are designed with a special Latex Free, Hypoallergenic fabric that is breathable, flexible and stretchable, enabling you to customize the fit to accommodate the unique shape of your nose. Employing our patented system of Dual Lift, Dual Flex nasal dilators, the range of positioning options is unlimited.

    The competition only offers a single type of nasal dilation flex strip that, because of its patent limitations, can not be stretched to fit each side of the nose independently. Either you fit it or it doesn't fit you... too bad! A Natural Advantage for Breathe Clear Nasal Strips!

    The Clear version of Breathe Clear Nasal Strips was originally designed for those with sensitive skin, but, because they are less conspicuous, they have become popular with those who want to wear Nasal Strips during the day to keep their air passages clear at work. While not made from a breathable fabric and not as adjustable as the Natural Tan strips, they also use Medical Grade Adhesives are still Latex Free, Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.

    They employ the same patented system of Dual Lift, Dual Flex nasal dilators, and you will still experience the same benefit of increased lifting force for more effective relief than the other nasal strips on the market. A Clear Advantage for Breathe Clear!

    Whichever color you choose, (many select both: purchasing the Natural Tan for use at home or outdoors for sports and the Clear for at work), all Breathe Clear Nasal Strips use Medical Grade Adhesives that are designed to resist rain, humidity and perspiration when used following the instructions.

    Center the Breathe Clear Nasal Strip on the bridge of your nose in a position just above the point where the flair of the nostril meets the top of the bridge.

    Press just the center of the Nasal Strip against the nose. If you're nose is very sensitive you may wish to put a small amount of facial cream on the highest part of the center of your nose bridge. Too much and the Nasal Strip won't stick.

    While holding the center of the Nasal Strip in place on your Nose Bridge with one hand, pull and stretch one side of the strip and apply the end to one side of your nose, centering the strip's tab end where you determined the correct placement location should be and the end tab on the Cheekbone where it meets the nose. Don't worry; the Flexors are wide enough to allow for a margin of error still affording you maximum effectiveness. Press firmly to adhere. Repeat for the other side of your nose, pulling and stretching the strip to the proper point on your nose. The pull and stretch method is what enables the Breathe Clear Nasal Strips to work without painful plastic strips going across the bridge of your nose.

    Finally, use your fingers to press the full length of the adhesive strip firmly on the nose.

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