Harmonic Innerprizes Etherium Red Dietary Supplement Spray - 1 Oz

Stress is dissipated the normalization of blood pressure is realized.
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    Harmonic Innerprizes

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    • Natural monatomic minerals
    • Mental and emotional balance
    Harmonic Innerprizes etherium red dietary supplement spray

    Etherium Red Homeopathic Essence is created from Monatrace, a naturally occurring deposit from and ancient seabed that supplies monatomic and other mineral elements.

    The Integrator reconciles the differences between the feelings of the heart and the logical processes of the mind. Integration of heart and mind yields more effective decision making and promotes greater mental and emotional balance.

    The best way to explain Etherium Red is referencing the chakra system that is a foundation in Ayurvedic medicine. Etherium Red affects the throat chakra. Since the throat chakra sits between the brow chakra and the heart chakra it integrates the analytical processing of the brain with the emotional desires of the heart. The differences between what the brain thinks and what the heart desires is often the root cause for feelings of being scattered, confusion, and powerless. An imbalance here makes decision making extremely difficult.

    For many people, difficulty in making a decision is chronic in their nature. They can agonize over the simplest decisions that most would not have any difficulty making. But even good decision makers experience times when a difficult decision needs to be made, and there is no apparent best or right solution. Etherium Red brings clarity at these times.

    When the mind and heart are integrated feelings of confusion and doubt are dissipated and replaced by confidence and self actualization. And, since feelings of being scattered and confused produce stress, stress is typically reduced. By integrating the thinking of the brain with the emotional energy in the heart, Etherium Red brings heightened clarity to the situation that requires a decision. Once clarity is experienced, the decision becomes easy because the best solution becomes obvious.

    Etherium Red may also be useful in normalizing blood pressure. While there are many factors that can contribute to high blood pressure such as genetics and diet, stress is also a significant factor that contributes to high blood pressure. Agonizing over decisions is very stressful. Once this stress is dissipated the normalization of blood pressure is realized.

    As a dietary supplement, 3 sprays under the tongue as desired, preferably in between meals.

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