Benediction Herbal Flower Oil By Flower Essence, Pump Top - 4 Oz

A transcendent blend of essential oils, flower essences, and Saint John's Wort oil formulated for life's turning points.
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    Benediction herbal flower oil by Flower Essence, Pump Top

    Benediction is intended to be a heart balm which not only helps us open to the bliss of love, but also to the blessedness and heartache of love. Through the use of this sacred anointing oil, we can gradually come to understand the meaning of any anguish that we suffer. Pain which is rightly received by the soul sensitizes and opens us to a deeper communion with the spiritual world, making our souls ever more receptive to spiritual impulses which can enrich our lives. Use Benediction Oil to open and bless all the sacramental gateways of human experience: birth, coming of age and other rites of passage throughout life, marriage, illness and death. It should be considered for all sacred holy days and festivals, whatever one's spiritual path may be. Benediction assists the soul to be conscious and receptive to any turning-point in life, both within nature and within human experience.

    Benediction Flower Essence is a transcendent blend of essential oils, flower essences, and Saint John�s Wort oil formulated for life�s turning points. Benediction Oil encourages us to respect and respond to the seasons within our own souls: rites of passage, moments of awakening, and all stages of healing and transformation.

    St. John's Wort oil forms the base for Benediction. Referred to by mystics as the blood of Christ, it helps to create a mantle of love, mercy and surrender around the body and soul.

    The essential oils of Rose, Angelica and Jasmine all play an important role in the healing properties of Benediction. Angelica brings strength and protection from the spiritual world, exquisite attar of Rose opens the heart to the force of divine love, and Jasmine helps to soften and soothe the troubled soul.

    Flower essences of Holly, Motherwort and Hawthorne work synergistically to open, strengthen and purify the heart; Self-Heal helps the soul to transform illness into wellness; and Angel's Trumpet lifts the soul into an awareness of the spiritual world.

    • For all life passages and special events, as a sacramental anointing oil which encourages the soul to make a turning point in time.
    • Especially beneficial as a sacred unction for those who are very ill or dying, helps the soul to move through pain and surrender to its spiritual destiny.
    • A beautiful anointing oil for young babies, calling their soul to come into the world and to feel and accept the force of human love.
    • Use for �dark nights of the soul� when feeling anguish, anxiety or bewilderment.
    • Use to help recover from any violation to the body or soul such as violent attack, sexual abuse or other similar trauma.
    • Apply Benediction to areas of chronic pain, especially when there is a need to surrender to and understand the soul dimension of such suffering.
    • Use to balance all the energy centers (chakras), especially through the middle heart chakra.
    • Use for times of intimate and loving sexual exchange, to allow body and soul to open fully and experience love through the heart.
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