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BlueSky herbal blood pressure support 500 mg capsules - 60 ea

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Helps maintain blood pressure within normal limits, support good & healthy circulatory system.
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    • 850397001001
    • Helps detoxify blood
    • Reduce excess urea reserve
    BlueSky herbal blood pressure support 500 mg capsules

    "Blood Pressure Support" is a proprietary herbal health supplement which uses a combination of several herbs which helps to maintain blood pressure within normal limits. The Major ingredient Rauwolfia Serpentina contains alkaloids that belong to the general class alkaline compounds found in plants.

    The Benefits of "Blood Pressure Support" are:
    • Helps maintain blood pressure within normal limits
    • Helps maintain normal cardiac function
    • Helps detoxify blood
    • Helps strengthen & tone heart muscle
    • Helps reduce excess urea reserve
    • Helps support good & healthy circulatory system
    High Blood Pressure

    It is caused by "CLOGGED ARTERIES" which reduce blood flow causing the heart (our blood pump) to work harder and at higher pressure to keep the same amount of blood flowing in restricted arteries. You don't have to have all your arteries restricted, just one or two small blockages almost anywhere in your body can act like a dam, holding back blood flow and increasing blood pressure. Think of it this way, when your arteries are open and clean, your blood pressure is low and you feel healthy.

    High Blood pressure is often the first warning sign you experience; then the other symptoms of heart disease follow with chest and arm pain, tightness in the chest, numbness of the extremities, shortness of breath, and low energy.

    Sometimes you don't get those warnings. Forty percent of the people that experience first time heart attacks are unaware they had a problem. It's like being shot by a sniper without warning. When a heart attack happens its too late and those forty percent are gone.

    Warning signs of heart disease are:
    • High blood pressure
    • Fingers or toes feel cold
    • Night cramps in hands or feet
    • A diagonal crease in your earlobe
    • Your arms or legs often go to sleep
    • Experience numbness in the arms or legs
    • Your lips or fingers have a tingling sensation
    • Breathless with slight exertion or if lying down
    • On short walks, your legs get aches or pains
    • A whitish ring under the cornea in your eye
    • Your memory worse than it used to be
    • Ankles that swell late in the day
    • Loss of Sexual Potency

    Tylophora Cardifolia is one of the main ingredients in "Blood Pressure Support". The plant contains an alkaloid Bramhine, which provides strength and tone to the heart. It also helps to eliminate excess urea reserve in the blood and neutralizes bile faster.

    Rauwolfia Serpentina, Tylophora Cardifolia, Zedoaria, Terminalia Chebula, Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia belerica, Cinnamomum iners, Myrtus Caryophyllus, Zingiber Officinalis, Piper Longum, Piper Nigrum, Embelia Ribes.

    Two Capsules twice daily - Morning after breakfast & Night before bedtime.

    This supplement can be taken by both men & women.

    Shipping Weight : 0.20 lb

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