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To help with Digestion in your Body and ginseng royal tea is a daily energy tonic.
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    • Supports increased stamina.
    • To help with Digestion in your Body
    • Gingseng royal tea is a daily energy tonic
    Yogi Ginseng Vitality herbal supplement tea bags

    Yogi Teas Gingseng Royal Vitality Organic Tea is a tea to help with Digestion in your Body. Gingseng Royal Tea is a Daily Energy Tonic.

    • Ginseng Royal Vitality is specially designed to boost mental and physical energy for both men and women.
    • Yogi Teas healing formula is made with Organic Panax Ginseng Root (Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolium), used for centuries to help people maintain general health, increase mental clarity and improve stamina.
    • A favorite herb in Asia where it is often used to increase sexual energy, Ginseng is taken by millions of people each day.
    • It has been shown in recent scientific studies to be effective for stress related problems, as well as for improving physical and mental performance, shortening reaction time and enhancing the mood.
    • Not only can this popular root help you to feel more energized by stimulating the central nervous system, but Ginseng also encourages gastrointestinal movement and tone.
    • Furthermore, Ginseng has been shown to increase iron metabolism, causing changes in the biosynthesis of the nucleic acids and helping to improve the body�s use of oxygen.
    • Yogi Teas formula also includes Eleuthro (Eleutherococcus senticosus), commonly know as Siberian ginseng, which continues to be popular among Russian Olympic athletes for its potential to increase stamina.
    • Have a cup of Ginseng Royal Vitality to help restore mental alertness and physical vitality.

    Supplement Facts:

    Supplement Facts

    • For best tea infusion, pour 8 oz boiling water over one Ginseng Royal Vitality tea bag and steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
    • For a stronger effect, use 2 tea bags.
    • Gently squeeze each tea bag to let the active ingredients fully release into the water.
    • Drink 2 to 4 cups daily for rejuvenation and energy.

    Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing. Consult your physician before use in the presence of hypertension or high blood pressure.

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    Delicious tea with great taste

    It is a great tea as well as good for health and good taste. I am definitely impressed with this tea. It make my family fresh and awaken. I highly recommend this product to those who are able to use herbal treatments.

    Delicious tea

    It is a great delicious tea as well as good for health. It makes me feel fresh and awaken. My whole family like to start the day with drinks of this tea. I Would recommend to everyone.

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