Macks earphone anchors to improve comfort - 1 ea

Macks Earphone Anchors To Improve Comfort, 1 Ea

Use with your: iPod, MP3 Player, Walkman, Cell phone earpiece and Hearing aid.
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    Macks earphone anchors to improve comfort
    • The perfect solution for earphones/earbuds that won't stay in your ears.
    • Soft silicone putty holds earphones/earbuds securely in ears while running, biking, working out, etc.
    • and improves comfort and optimizes sound quality.
    • Use with your: iPod, MP3 Player, Walkman, Cell phone earpiece and Hearing aid.
    • Soft putty holds earphones/earbuds securely in ears.

    Moldable silicone putty.

    Direction for usage:


    • Before using, make sure hands and ears are clean and dry.
    • Place earphone or listening device gently in ear.
    • Due to the excellent holding characteristics of Earphone Anchor putty, there is no need to excessively force the earphone into the ear.
    • Shape the putty into a ball and place above (not covering) the earphone.
    • Gently roll finger over putty to flatten until earphone is secure.
    • Putty will adhere to the ear between the earphone and the natural fold of the ear, securing the earphone.
    • To loosen and remove, gently pull putty away with thumb and forefinger.
    • Reusable until soiled or no longer sticky.
    • Store Earphone Anchors in container when not in use.

    TIP: If you have trouble with the putty sticking to your finger upon application, try gently rolling your finger off the putty after flattening into place.

    • Do not use Earphone Anchors as earplugs.
    • Do not push putty into orifices, holes, or any openings on earphones, hearing aids, etc.
    • Refer to instructions from original equipment manufacturer for earphone precautions/cleaning instructions.
    • Adult supervision required for children under 15.
    • Keep away from infants and small children when not in use.
    • This putty is non-toxic but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death. Use only as directed.
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    Kelly Maytum

    This ear drops gives relief from ringing, buzzing, and noises in ears.

    This product works all the time, i would highly recommend this product. i certainly can hear better after using this ear drops. It had solved my problem. I would highly recommend this product.


    Best ear plugs ever...

    I'm 65 and just started swimming again. These are the best earplugs I have ever used. However, they are expensive as you throw them away after use.



    Block sound better than any foam earplug and don't irritate the ear canal like foam ear plugs do.


    Wax much better than Foam plugs

    I have been using these wax plugs for years and I just cannot sleep without them now. They offer maximum noise protection for me. They are a little bit difficult to get used to but, I think, much better than foam. I cut them in half and roll them in my fingers before I put them in my ears. The trick is to push them in and build up a little vacuum in the ear canal.