EarPlanes Flight Ear Protection Earplugs - 1 pair

For safe, soft and disposable earplugs reduce the harsh noise.
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    • Adult size
    • Soft hypoallergenic
    • Latex free
    EarPlanes Flight Ear Protection Earplugs

    • Safe, soft and disposable.
    • Made of soft hypoallergenic Latex free silicone.
    • Relieves in-flight ear discomfort with the exclusive ceramX filter.
    • Reduces harsh noise.
    • Drug free.
    • Safe, soft and disposable.
    • Flight ear protection.
    • Noise reduction rating (When used as directed) 20 decibels.
    • The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30. (Higher numbers demote greater effectiveness).

    This pack contains one pair of disposable ear planes ear plugs. Good for outbound flight and return or next flight. Also great for mountain driving.

    • Before inserting, pinch nose and blow to clear ears.
    • For best results, always insert ear planes one hour before landing.
    • Remove after landing and when the cabin door is opened.
    • Chronic sufferers may also insert ear planes just before takeoff.
    • Ear planes may be removed when the airplane reaches maximum altitude and reinserted one hour before landing.
    • For maximum results, use opposite hand to pull the top of ear upward. Insert the ribbed end and turn like a corkscrew until snug.

    Recommendation: Do not reuse after two flights since pollen, dust, and moisture will reduce effectiveness.

    Shipping Weight : 0.20 lb

    This ear drops gives relief from ringing, buzzing, and noises in ears.

    This product works all the time, i would highly recommend this product. i certainly can hear better after using this ear drops. It had solved my problem. I would highly recommend this product.


    Best ear plugs ever...

    I'm 65 and just started swimming again. These are the best earplugs I have ever used. However, they are expensive as you throw them away after use.


    Block sound better than any foam earplug and don't irritate the ear canal like foam ear plugs do.


    Wax much better than Foam plugs

    I have been using these wax plugs for years and I just cannot sleep without them now. They offer maximum noise protection for me. They are a little bit difficult to get used to but, I think, much better than foam. I cut them in half and roll them in my fingers before I put them in my ears. The trick is to push them in and build up a little vacuum in the ear canal.