Microfiber Traditional String Mops With Looped Ends And Tailbands Of Size: 10 Oz, Latex Free - 6 Ea/Cs

Medline string mop picks up liquids and dirt and it does not tangle while in use and dries floors without streaking.
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    Microfiber traditional string mops with looped ends and tailbands of size: 10 oz, latex free - 6 ea/cs

    This is designed with looped ends and tailbands, the Medline string mop picks up liquids and dirt. It does not tangle while in use and dries floors without streaking. This mop can be used with any standard wringer and fits standard mop handles, holders and frames. String mop holds 10 oz.

    Microfiber Benifits:

    • It is washable up to 160 degree F.
    • This can be used for wet or dry surfaces.
    • Increased durability.
    • It can cleans and dries 3x faster.

    Working of Microfiber.Microfiber features:

    • Strong, lint-free, ultra-fine fiber.
    • Polyester/polyamide fibers that are split to 1/16th the diameter of a human hair.
    • A dense matrix that enables microfiber products to hold six times their own weight in fluid.
    • Splitting fibers creates hundreds of thousands of microscopic channels that capture, absorb and remove dust.
    • Positively charged microfibers attract negatively charged dust and dirt, enhancing your cleaning performance.

    Advantages of using Microfiber mops:

    • Using microfiber assists in reducing patient health risks from cross contamination.
    • Microfiber mopping systems reduce heavy lifting and problematic body positions that can contribute to back and other musculoskeletal injuries.
    • It is more economical and more efficient than conventional loop mops and cleaning cloths.

    For wet mopping:

    • Step 1: Premoisten mop heads (white side up) in bucket filled with150-200cc of recommended water and chemical per mop and press mop frame against wet mop to fasten the hook and loop system.
    • Step 2: Mop floor beginning at far edge of room and proceed toward door.
    • Step 3: Place feet on edges of wet mop,pull up/rotate mop handle to release mop frame from mop and place mop in soiled laundry bag.
    Procedure for Wet Moping.
    • Do not use fabric softener.
    • Do not use flat iron.
    • Use colorsafe bleach if needed. Do not use chlorine bleach.
    • Separate microfiber products from other textiles.
    • Only wash with like items. Do not wash with cotton mops.
    • Don't keep near the flame.

    DIMENSIONS: 16.0 L X 10.0 W X 15.0 H.

    Shipping Weight : 3.00 lb
    Julian Rutter

    This product effectively controls the odors and kills 99.99 percent of germs

    It's a great product, cleans well, and I feel good using it since it's environmentally conscious. It is amazing product, it smells great. This is actually one of the most effective cleaning product I've ever used.

    Smith Florence

    This is the best stain and odor remover.

    Resolve pet and stain remover helps to keep the carpet clean, it works great on white and colored carpet.This is the only product that works on pet stains. It even removes blood and beets. I highly recommend this product.

    Spool Mary

    This works perfectly in removing all the stains.

    This is the best carpet cleaner ever. I really recommend this product because it really does a good job of cleaning the carpet. It really does a good job of cleaning the stains and works on coffee spills and dirt. I would highly recommend this product.

    Betty Werner
    Atlanta, Georgia


    This is by far the very best product on the market today. I am 82, my mother

    used this for cleaning in the 1930s. I would be really upset if they stopped

    producing this product. Makes your rooms smell sooooo clean! Just like a

    breeze went thru the house. I am having problems finding it in my local