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Refilit maximum strength filling material, cherry flavor - 1 each

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Refilit provides fast relief of pain and discomfort.
Retail: $5.99
Our Price:$2.60
You Save: $3.39 (56.6%)
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    • UPC: 010705400883
    • Eugenol free
    • Instant pain relief
    Refilit maximum strength filling material, cherry flavor
    • Exclusively for lost fillings.
    • Instant pain relief.
    • Multiple applications.
    • One step no mixing.
    • Can eat on it.
    • Eugenol free.
    • Refilit provides fast relief of pain and discomfort until can see your dentist.
    • Clinically tested, refilit has a pleasant cherry taste, and is so safe and effective can eat on it.

    Active Ingredients: Calcium Sulphate , Barium Sulphate , Glycol Ether , Zinc Oxide , Acrylic-Polymer , Cherry Flavor , Acesulfame K Sweetener.

    • Replace a lost filling:
    • Rinse out cavity with warm water.
    • Do not dry leave moist.
    • Use applicator to remove a small amount of material from vial, form into a ball with fingertips and press firmly into cavity.
    • Bite down several times to insure proper bite.
    • Remove any excess material.
    • Rinse out mouth well with water.
    • Allow 1 hour to set before eating.
    • Keep multi-use vial closed to maintain freshness of remaining material.
    • Any left over material may re re-used as long as the material is soft and pliable.
    • Once the material hardens, it is no longer usable and must be discarded.
    • Read directions carefully before using.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • This product should not be used if throbbing pain or swelling in affected area exists.
    • Consult dentist immediately.
    • This product is sold as a temporary remedy.
    • See dentist as soon as possible for permanent work to be performed.
    • Failure to do so may cause infections and/or serious injury.
    • Wash hands before using.
    Shipping Weight : 0.70 lb

    The releev cold sore product stops the cold sore from developing.

    This product heals the sore in one or two days. It actually works really well. This product works 10 times better on my cold sores. I would highly recommend it.


    This is the best cold sore medication ever.

    This product temporarily relieves pain due to minor irritation of the mouth and gums. This will heal and stop the pain instantly. Now a days it is hard to find it in stores, but i had found it in myotcstore. Thanks to myotcstore.


    This oral gel works great, i always keep it in hand.

    Anesthetic oral gel helps for the temporary relief of minor toothache, brace pain and sore mouth associated with canker sores, dentures and orthodontic appliances.


    This works grteat for mouth sores, very effective.

    Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Sore Rinse promotes Healing of Mouth Sores, Kills Bacteria in the Mouth. I have suffered from mouth irritation from so many days,when i started using this it worked greatly for me.

    cincinnati oh 45204


    <p>This is a great product that i've always used and now i can't get it at walgreen's where i always got it for years. Its really good for sore throat and gums. How can i get this product in cincinnati oh 45204? I don't have a credit card to order on line .

    Can i send a check and order it directly from the company or can you tell me where i can get it in my area?</p>