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WaterPik Pocket Tips - 2 Ea

WaterPik Pocket Tips - 2 Ea

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For effective delivery of therapeutic rinses into periodontal pockets.
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    • UPC : 073950313759


    WaterPik Pocket Tips
    • For use with models c.
    • WaterPik Pocket Tips For effective delivery of therapeutic rinses into periodontal pockets.
    • Pik Pocket Subgingival Tip is designed for use with Water Pik Oral Irrigator Models WP-60, WP-70, WP-72, WP-90 and SR-400 only. Use the Pik Pocket Tip to deliver therapeutic solutions to sites under the gumline and between teeth. Use standard jet tip Model BRJ-4 (not included) for general cleaning of teeth and gums, and to reduce signs of gingivitis.
    Refer to oral irrigator instruction book for proper use of irrigator. Pour recommended solution into reservoir. Pull knob on top of the handle back towards hose and insert color-coded Pik Pocket Tip. Push the tip in as far as possible and then release the knob-knob will return to original position. If not, twist the Pik Pocket Tip slightly and knob will snap into place. When using the Pik Pocket Tip, turn pressure control to lowest setting. To temporarily stop flow, push in and hold the pause button. Lean low over sink. Place tip at a 45 angle and gently place under the gumline. Check placement in the mirror. Turn on the unit. Keep the Pik Pocket Tip pointed below the gumline. Close lips to avoid splashing, but let liquid flow freely from your mouth into sink. Gently place tip under gum; move tip along gumline; pause between teeth so solution flows under gumline until reservoir is empty. Rinse reservoir and add water. Point tip into sink and run until empty. Cleaning will keep tip from clogging. Recommended Pik Pocket Tip replacement every three months.

    Shipping Weight : 0.20 lb

    Excellent product

    This product is excellent for gum hygiene.It helps to remove plaque under the gum.


    No problems

    I've used these for years, but they are becoming impossible to find in local stores. I was very happy to find them on myotcstore.

    CA,United States

    Excellent one that got at low price.

    It was pretty easy to get the info we needed; and when we had questions, they were answered fully and quickly. The product was shipped/received very quickly. The 4 stars (instead of 5) is only because we had to ask for more info before we ordered --info that should have been available, in our opinion. Otherwise, a stellar experience


    No problems..

    I've used these for years, but they are becoming impossible to find in local stores. I was very happy to find them on

    If you want better dentist check-ups, FLOSS. If you want consistently better check-ups & few (if any!) dental problems, then floss AND use this power flosser!

    The WaterPik Power Flosser costs less than $20 and that's a pittance compared to what you'll save in dental bills. I don't have dental insurance, so about 15 years ago, I decided I'd better start taking care of my teeth better, so I started flossing. Made a big difference! Then I saw a power flosser, so I added that to my regimen. BIGGER difference! After not seeing a dentist for 5 years (I couldn't afford cleaning, either), he asked, "You have no plaque on your teeth and no problems whatsoever haven't even been here for years, and I know it's not hereditary, so what did you do??" I said, "You told me I should be flossing, so I am!" When the Oral-B power flosser I was using was discontinued (along with the tips that fit it), I finally found the WaterPik version. Cheaper main unit, cheaper tips --I was happy. It works even better than the other one (which is saying something), and I've even reversed two cavities. Hey - preventive medicine works. Of course, I also use natural toothpaste with no SLS or other ingredients I have to pronounce slowly, but the flossing is a major factor. I heartily recommend this regimen as well as this power flosser! And myotcstore has the best prices/fastest delivery that we've been able to find, too.