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Tampax Tampons With Flushable Applicator, Regular Absorbancy, Feminine Hygiene

Tampax Tampons With Flushable Applicator, Regular Absorbancy - 10 Each

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    • Flushable, Biodegradable-Tampax tampons, cardboard applicators and wrappers are flushable and biodegradable.
    • Any toilet and drainline can clog if overloaded with bulk waste.

    • Tampax Tampons With Flushable Applicator For best results, flush tampon and applicator separately from bath tissue.
    • Great Protection with Moisture Lock- Naturally abosrbing fibers help to securely hold liquid.
    • Flushable and Biodegradable - Clean, easy disposal. Strong Durable Wrapper.
    • For the Best Protection and Most Comfort Choose a Combation of Absorbencies to Match Your Flow. Regular Absorbency, 6-9 grams.
    • The risk of Toxic Shock syndrome (TSS) increases with higher absorbency.
    • In order to reduce your risk of TSS, you should use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs.

    Tampax Tampons With Biodegradable Applicator, Regular Absorbancy contains Cotton and/or Rayon Fiber, Rayon Over Wrap, Cotton String.

    See inside package.

    Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Read and save the enclosed information.

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