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    A nasal douche can help with catarrh and dry crusting of the nose and also helps to encourage smooth recovery of the nasal lining and dispersal of sticky secretions after operations. The nose tends to feel fresher after douching. The douche should be started 3-4 days after surgery and continued morning and night for at least 2 weeks (and often it is worth continuing longer). The nose is often very blocked in the first week after operation, especially if plastic internal splints are still present. The douche becomes much easier to use after the splints are removed. If you have also been prescribed nasal drops or sprays, it is sensible if you douche the nose before the medication is applied (otherwise it will be washed out by the douche and hence be prevented from working!).
    Preparing a Douche Take a large tumbler of slightly warm water (previously boiled and then allowed to cool down). Add teaspoon of table salt and teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) and mix well.
    Using a Douche Pour small quantities (about an egg-cup full) of the solution into your cupped hand and by holding it next to the nostrils, sniff it into the nose. The solution will pass into the nose and then to where it joins the throat. You can then spit it from the mouth into a bowl or sink. You could alternatively us a rubber 'enema' type of syringe (obtainable from the chemist) for this, or a clean 'spray' type of bottle. This is a little distasteful at first, but it is well worth persevering! Continue until the whole glassful is used up. Do this morning and night. Do not be alarmed by the material that you might spit out- it can be of varying colours, consistencies and shapes.

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