Splat His And Her Rebellious Hair Color Complete Kit With Bleach, Pink Fetish - 1 Kit

Splat His and Her Rebellious Hair Color, Pink Fetish is a long lasting, semi permanent hair paint.
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    Splat His and Her Hair Color Complete Kit is the only complete kit with everything you need. The kit includes :
  • Hair Color.
  • Bleach.
  • Peroxide.

    Splat color vibrantly lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks. Splat is formulated with a unique water soluble silicone micro emulsion that forms a protective shield over the hair and helps to prevent colors from washing out. Splat unique water soluble silicone micro emulsion provides extremely vivid colors.

    Features of Splat Color and Bleach Kit :
  • Complete Kit - Color, Bleach and Peroxide.
  • One application - Lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • Rebellious colors.
  • Long lasting, semi permanent hair paint.
  • Create a Splat Rebellious Color.

  • Use on unbleached natural hair for a subtle hint of color.
  • Use on bleached hair for an extreme intense shocking color.

    Bleaching Directions : For unbleached natural hair color, skip bleaching directions below, and go to coloring directions. For extreme, intense, shocking color proceed with bleaching directions below.

    Pre Application :
  • Make sure hair is clean and dry. Wear a cape or towel during application.
  • Begin by slowly removing the cap on the Splat-Oxide bottle, (point bottle away from face) and carefully pour contents of Splat Lightening Bleach packet into bottle.
  • Replace cap securely and shake well for 1 minute.
  • Slowly remove cap while pointing away from face.
  • Cut end of applicator tip before applying to bottle.
  • With applicator tip in place, apply bleach to desired areas of hair immediately.
  • To achieve best results, do not let mixture stand and settle after shaking.
  • Do not apply if skin or scalp is broken or abraded.
  • Do not apply directly to scalp.
  • When using keep mixture 1/4 inch off scalp area.
  • Cover with plastic cap.
  • When application is complete, remove bottle cap and rinse out.
  • Do Not leave contents inside bottle with cap on.

    Processing Time :
  • Processing time depends on natural hair color and the condition and porosity of the hair.
  • The darker and/or coarse the natural hair color is, the more time is needed to process.
  • Check hair color after the minimum processing time by removing product from a small strand with a damp paper towel.
  • Be sure to check progress after every 10 minutes to avoid over processing or damaging of hair.
  • Resistant hair can process up to 1 hour.
  • Make sure bleach remains moist during processing.
  • When hair has reached pale blonde, rinse hair thoroughly, then shampoo.
  • Your hair is now ready to apply Splat color.
  • If deep vibrant color is desired, make sure hair is bleached to a very light pale blonde.
  • Re-bleaching may be necessary for deep vibrant color.
  • Do not apply bleach to hair that has been processed with metallic dyes.

    Coloring Directions :
    Prep :
  • Dry hair thoroughly.
  • Protect clothing with a cape or an old towel.
  • Protect forehead area and ears with Vaseline to prevent staining of skin.
  • Shake Splat color bottle thoroughly.
    Application :
  • Twist open tip, and squeeze color generously onto desired areas.
  • Do not rub into scalp or it will stain.
  • If color gets on your skin, wipe off with damp cloth immediately.
  • Let color process for at least 30 minutes.
  • (Use cap & dryer for best results) Rinse hair until the water runs clear.
  • Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry and style hair as desired.

    Caution : Splat colors are extremely concentrated. Splat colors will bleed onto to clothing and bedding if your hair is wet or damp. Make sure hair is fully dr
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    Effective product for colouring hair

    I have been using this product from many years, this colors my white hair.It has become easy with the help of this product.I recommend this product for all.


    The BEST Red Ever!

    This color is the ultimate bright red and lasts a whole three months on my hair. I apply it on dry hair and keep it all night. As a bonus, it conditions my hair. I cannot live without it! My grocery store stopped carrying it so I will have to buy it online. Their loss.

    Great In between coloring

    Great In between coloring

    I have used frivolous fawn several times through the years. It has always done a good job of coloring those gray hairs between shampoos and has left my hair soft and manageable. Would highly recommend this product.


    Package was complete, and more than I expected

    I just turned 41. I live in Staten Island, New York. Thank God, like my MOM, my grays are very limited. However, strands were very,very noticable to me. A few months ago I tried to make a couple of highlights in my hair (I don't remember the products name). It didn't work out, the color started to go from brown to red. So I decided to dye my hair which I have never done, maybe once in high school. I was also nervous, because I relax my hair. I went to a local CVS store, and had all intentions on buying a dark brown hair color. I spoke to a store clerk, and she helped me pick out a brand and a color. The color was "soft black". I was a little nervous about it because my hair was the darkest brown, almost black. Anyways, my friend colored my hair. MY GOD!!!! The shine, the volume, the color, the brilliance, was incredible! It looked like I just walked out a very expensive salon. It even looked like my hair was relaxed and full. I was so impressed. Guess what? No more grays!!! I let my hair air dry, and I was a Rock Star!! The fruit oil concentrate is incredible, I hope you sell it at CVS, because that's where I'm going today to buy it. I will definetely be using your product again. Thank You for my new healthy, just out of the salon look!! Ruthie


    Best of ALL Hair Color Products

    Fanci-Full temporary hair color is absolutely the best color product that has ever been on the market! I had a complete hair and makeup makeover several years ago by Kenneth when he opened a salon in Atlanta. His color 'artist' used Fanci-Full on my hair, and it was gorgeous! I couldn't believe how many people told me the color (and style)) was beautiful, and they wanted to know what he used. I hesitated to tell them because I wanted Fanci-Full's secrets all to myself. Brenda Calo Manchester, NH