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Eco-Me Bill All Purpose Spray Cleaner, House Cleaners and Waxes
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    Eco-Me Bill All Purpose Spray CleanerNatural cleaning product based on simple household ingredients and pure plant oils.Premixed Cleaning Product, Ready to use.Great for all household cleaning including kitchens and bathrooms for use on windows,mirrors, tile, counters, vinyl, grout, stainless steel, ovens, stoves, showers,tubs and toilets.Vinegar based cleaner reduces germs, bacteria, dirt, odor and grime.Basics that work tougher than chemicals.Reduces up to 98% bacteria in 60 seconds.Warning:...

    Eco-Me Toilet Bowl Cleaner Phil, House Cleaners and Waxes
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      Eco-Me Toilet Bowl Cleaner PhilEco-Me Toilet Bowl Cleaner Phil smells like fresh herbs. 100% Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner. General household cleaning such as counters, floors, windows, mirrors, tile, vinyl and more. Eco-Me asked Phil to mix natural ingredients for a safe and effective toilet bowl cleaner. Eco Mes essential oil blend reduces bacteria, germs and odors. Sodium Bicarbonate is effective abrasive for toilet bowls. Removes stains, odors and germs. Safe for septic systems.For Phil it...

      Eco-Me Floor Cleaner By Dave, House Cleaners and Waxes
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        Eco-Me Floor Cleaner By DaveSafely cleans throughout your home.Effective on all hard surfaces finished floors, countertops, cabinets, walls, appliances, toilets and more.On cars and finished wood, use diluted only.Original concentrated formula.Cleans to a natural shine.Biodegradable and phosphate free.Safely cleans finished wood surfaces: Wood floors.Wood paneling.Cabinets.Laminate floors.Tables and chairs.Bookcases.Non-wood surfaces: No-wax floors.Laundry stains.Ceramic tile.Cars.Painted...