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Scandinavian Formulas Strix Bilberry Extract Gelcaps, Condition Specific Supplements
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    MANUFACTURER: Smarty PantsScandinavian Formulas Strix Bilberry Extract GelcapsGood for the EyesDietary supplementImproves night vision and overall eye health.Strix Bilberry Extract improves night vision and overall eye health with this easy to swallow Bilberry gelcaps. Scandinavian Formulas STRIX Bilberry Extract contains Microselect, the Original Bilberry Extract obtained exclusively from Vaccinium Myrtillus L, specifically from the skin and pulp of the berry, and standardized to contain 36%...

    Labeaute Scandinavian Formulas Tablets, Anti Aging Treatments
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      MANUFACTURER: Scandinavian FormulasLabeaute Scandinavian Formulas TabletsDietary supplementHelp in correcting existing signsVisibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.aBeaute defends your skin against the visible signs of aging. Beautiful skin is only a thought away with LaBeaute, a skin enhancement tablet that will make your toughest critics stand up and take notice. LaBeaute is the only holistic approach to skin care that focuses on your internal as well as external health and homeostasis.May...