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Bamboo 4-Way Foot Tool, Size: 3, Manicure & Pedicure
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    Bamboo 4-Way Foot Tool, Size: 3For soft, smooth feet Soak feet in warm water. Rub calluses and rough spots gently with pumice or file. Smooth with the emery side and finish by washing with the brush and mid soap. Emery board for orange skin, collus shaver for gentle skin, pumice stone dead skin, and brush for cleansing.

    Bamboo Loofah Full Body Scrubber, Size 3, Cosmetics, Makeup
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      Bamboo Loofah Full Body ScrubberMade with all natural materials, used to remove dead skin cells while bathing or showering. The fruit of the loofah in a dried state creates a natural sponge. A network of firm fibres gives an invigorating massage that is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. As a skin conditioner, the texture of the loofah stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

      Bamboo Soap Bar Scrubber, Size: 3, Cosmetics, Makeup
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        Bamboo Soap Bar Body ScrubberExfoliates dead skin cells for rejuvenated, healthy and vibrant skin. Special scrubbing foam assures slow release of lather for an invigorating and soothing massage.

        Bamboo Body Wash Sponge, Size: 3, Skin Cleanser, Body Moisturizers
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          Bamboo Body Wash SpongeThe shower pouf just got a whole lot better. Pure Body Bamboo Wash Sponge is ultra soft, delivers an rich, generous lather, and it's made from 100% sustainable bamboo. Ideal for sensitive skin. Bamboo possesses natural antibacterial properties, and for those sensitive to allergens, Pure Body Bamboo provides a soft cleansing surface that's ultra comfortable to your skin. Good for the environment, and good for you too!Warning: California’s Proposition 65 Warning: May This...

          Bamboo Long Handle Bristle Dry Body Bath Brush, Size: 3, Cosmetics, Makeup
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            Bamboo Long Handle Bristle Dry Body Bath Brush, Size: 3With a sleek, long bamboo handle and soft, cruelty-free synthetic bristles, you can use these body brushes to gently scrub all over for clean, glowing skin.The Forever Natural bamboo body brush is made with bamboo and natural bristles for gentle, effective body exfoliation. Use dry before your shower to exfoliate and stimulate circulation or use on wet skin to cleanse. Bamboo production leaves virtually no damage to the soil. Bamboo is one...

            Bamboo Foot Brush With Pumice, Size: 3, Foot Care
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              Bamboo Foot Brush With Pumice, Size: 3Pamper your feet with cruelty-free bamboo foot brush. The synthetic bristles of these bamboo brushes scrub feet and nails clean, while the smoothing pumice stone (made from finely ground recycled glass!) polishes heels smooth. The sleek handle is made with natural bamboo.

              Bamboo Foot File For Callused Feet, Size 3, Manicure & Pedicure
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                Bamboo Foot File For Callused FeetThis earth-friendly foot file will help exfoliate and smooth your tired, callused feet. And, it shows respect for the planet. Bamboo has a low impact on the earth�s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.HOW TO USE:Use in bath or shower while skin is softened.Wet file.Use the coarse side to exfoliate rough skin on feet. The fine grit polishes skin smooth.Rinse file and hang to air dry. ...