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Gorilla Glue Adhesive With Anti Clog Cap, School and Office Supplies
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    Gorilla Glue Adhesive With Anti Clog Cap Bonds both similar and dissimilar surfaces including wood, stone, metal, foam and ceramicsPaintable, stainable, sandableTemperature resistantIncredibly strong and versatile100% waterproofFoam expansion expands 3-4 times the application amount, penetrating the glued surface for a superior bond

    Formula Shell Motor Oil Quart, 10W30, Auto Care Products
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      Formula Shell Motor Oil Quart, 10W30For auto and light-duty trucks, gas and turbocharged.Improves fuel economy and provides complete engine protectionContains shear stable, viscosity index improvers for cold weather starting and high temperaturesProtects against wear, rust and corrosion, piston scuffing and combustion chamber deposits, high-temperature oxidation and valve train wear5W30 and 10W30 multigrade for all-weather protectionMeets API Service SL, SJ, use in place of SH and SG oilsMeets...

      Squizz Moco De Gorila Snott Hair Gel, Styling Aids
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        Squizz Moco De Gorila Snott Hair GelKeeps hair free of residue, protects it and keeps it cleanIf like to wear punk hairstyles, mo-hawk, indie hair style and all maximum hold hairstyles, this is gelFor all the most way-out hair styles that need gorilla strengthDiscover a whole new world in hair styling with Snott gorilla hair styling gelExtreme hold factor-10Contains natural ingredients

        As Seen On Tv Shed Ender Professional De-Shedding Brush For Pets
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          As Seen On Tv Shed Ender Professional De-Shedding Brush For PetsShed Ender is the professional de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in pets undercoatThe specially designed head grabs and removes the loose shedding hair, revealing pets shiny, healthy top coatIt does not cut the hair or hurt petPets will love it and people will be amazed to see how much hair the Shed Ender collectsProfessional grade deshedding toolUses a proven design to gently remove loose hair and undercoat...

          Pic Disposable Rat Glue Traps With sturdy Plastic Tray, Insect and pest control
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            Pic Disposable Rat Glue Traps With sturdy Plastic TrayReady to use, no bait neededFor apartments, homes, factories, mobile homes, boats, etcNo vapors, no snaps, no mess, no chemicals, no poisons, disposableSuper strong and stickyReal-Kill rat glue traps are non-toxic, disposable traps that will catch rats, mice and other household pests, such as spiders, scorpions and cockroachesGlue traps are a ready-to-use alternative to spray and chemical pest controlReady-to-use for fast, easy rodent...

            Pic Mouse Glue Board, Insect and pest control
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              Pic Mouse Glue BoardContains 2 glue boards / 4 glue boardsAble to catch multiple rodents on one boardEffective and easy to useEffective glue traps that has no harmful chemicals and contains two glue trapsEasy to use and safe>Ready-to-use for fast, easy rodent controlDisposal discard mouse or rat with glue boardFor apartments, homes, factories, mobile homes, boats, etcOn the floor or against the wall pic mouse glue boards are super strongWarning: California’s Proposition 65 Warning: May This...

              RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder, House Cleaners and Waxes
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                RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment PowderRid-X Septic Tank System Treatment concentrated powder formula contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been selected to effectively digest septic system wasteRid-X breaks down the solid organic waste that can accumulate in septic tank, such as detergents, soaps, grease, and paperUsing Rid-X regularly will help keep the bacteria population consistently high throughout the yearAlways remember to use Rid-X once a month along...

                Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner And Polish, House wares, Kitchen Needs
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                  Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner And PolishExperience the Good Feeling of CleanRemoves FingerprintsStreak FreeWeiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is specially formulated to clean, polish, and protect stainless steel.Removes fingerprints, residue and grease.Protective coating repels dust and dirt.Leaves a brilliant, streak-free shineRecommended for: Kitchen appliances, countertops, sinks, range hoods, backsplashes and grills.Contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances.Phosphate...

                  Chore boy copper scrubber pads, House wares, Kitchen Needs.
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                    Chore boy copper scrubber padsCopper scouring pad, machine knit from pure copper to quickly remove baked on foods and burnt on grease the first time inside and out.Ultimate copper scrubber pads are not messy like steel wool.They will not rust or splinter, making them perfect for cookware made of stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum or multi clad.They are also ideal for glassware, barbeque grills, stove burners, oven racks and other heavy duty cleaning applications. ...

                    Saran Premium Wrap, House wares, Kitchen Needs
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                      Saran Premium WrapUse the saran premium wrap to keep meat, fruits and other food items fresh.Heavy-duty and long-lasting, the chlorine-free plastic wrap stretches to seal the mouth of any food container.For a perfect seal and freshness, leave an inch between the food and the film wrap.This saran premium wrap box features an easy-tear cutting edge and contains 100 square feet of saran wrap.As a result of SC Johnsons initiative to look for more sustainable and environmentally acceptable plastic,...

                      Helping Hands Weather Proof Padlock
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                        Helping Hands Weather Proof PadlockWhen security, weatherability and innovation come togetherIt comes with a fully weather protected body and also has a rubberized shackle seal to keep water and dirt from entering through the top of the padlock. The cylinder is protected from the harsh outdoor elements by an easy-to-use weather capHighly corrosion resistant due to surface protectionThe solid steel lock body provides superior protection from physical attackIt comes standard with a hardened...

                        Uncle Lees Tea Organic White Tea, Herbal Remedies
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                          Uncle Lees Tea Organic White TeaUncle Lees organically grown Bai Mu Dan White TeaWhite tea (camellia senensis) undergoes very little processing and the absence of this (steaming, rolling and oxidation) leaves the appearance and cell structure of the leaves basically unaltered.White tea have a greater concentration of cancer fighting antioxidants than all other teas.White teas have all of the benefits of green tea and are the most delicate of all, their taste being subtle, complex and mildly...