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Pyrex Easy Grab Loaf Dish, Plastics, Foil and Tissues
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    MANUFACTURER: World Kitchen, LLC. Pyrex Easy Grab Loaf DishPYREX Easy Grab glassware products feature large handles that give you more grip space and make it easier to transport. This line was designed with particular emphasis on comfort, style, and convenience. The Easy Grab series is even easy to handle with oven mitts.Large ergonomic handles for improved handlingSoft contours for easy cleaningNonporous glass would not absorb stains or odors.Reusable glass lasts longer than disposable...

    Old English Furniture Polish Spray, Lemon Aerosol
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      MANUFACTURER: Reckitt Benckiser LLC. Old English Furniture Polish Spray, Lemon AerosolOld English Furniture Polish Aerosol is an easy-to-use spray that cleans, dusts, and shines to bring out wood's natural beauty. It contains a protective shield formula that helps protect against everyday wear and tear, like water marks and stains from crayons, candle wax, and mustard, without any residue buildup. For best protection, use Old English Furniture Polish Aerosol regularly. It is specially...

      JT Eaton 203 Kills Bedbugs And Crawling Insects Powder, Insect and pest control
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        JT Eaton 203 Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects PowderKills bedbugs and crawling insectsUse in control of crawling insects in houses, residential, business, and commercial. Can be used for control of food infesting and nuisance insect pests such as ants, bedbugs, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, silverfish, ticks, sowbugs, millipedes, and others.

        Uncle Lees Tea Green Tea With Jasmine, Herbal Remedies
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          MANUFACTURER: Uncle Lees TeaUncle Lees Tea Green Tea With JasmineGreen Tea with the exotic floral flavor of Jasmine providing a tasty cup of tea with powerful antioxidant activity, and may be used for the therapy of cancer, for collagen formation, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol

          Lumino Diatomaceous Earth For Home, House wares, Kitchen Needs
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            Lumino Diatomaceous Earth For HomeLumino Diatomaceous Earth Powder is an organic alternative to toxic chemicals for a cleaner, more enjoyable and beautiful home. Use DE as a natural deodorizer, non-toxic cleanser, nourish plants and cleanse teeth, skin and nails. Made with 100% diatomaceous earth (amorphous non-crystalline silica), this product is food grade, chemical free, non-toxic and safe around humans and animals. DE is Organic Material Review Institute listed, fossilized freshwater...

            BioBag Lawn and Leaf Bio Certified Compostable 33 Gallon Bags -  5 ea
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              MANUFACTURER: BIOgroupBioBag Lawn and Leaf Bio Certified Compostable 33 Gallon Bags100% Biodegradable100% CompostablePlanet Friendly Certified biodegradable and compostable bags made from the material, Mater-Bi. No polyethylene is used in the production of this product. BioBags are GMO free, certified for use in organic agriculture and CEN certified for restricted use of metals in our soy-based inks and dyes. BioBags are shelf stable, just like paper towels, yet biodegrade quickly when exposed...

              Steven Smith Teamaker Full Leaf Green Tea Fez No: 39, Diet and Nutrition
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                MANUFACTURER: Steven Smith TeamakerSteven Smith Teamaker Full Leaf Green Tea Fez No: 39Classic Moroccan mint teaFez-worthy with or without sugar.Made with rare green teas from China combined with aromatic spearmint grown in the Pacific Northwest and a hint of lemon myrtle from Australia. Steven Smith Teamaker Full Leaf Green Tea Fez artfully evokes old MoroccoFull Leaf Green Tea Fez is made from freshly harvested spearmint from Oregon, a touch of Australian lemon myrtle and fresh Chinese Mao...

                Earth Henna Fun Tattoos Body Painting Kit For Kids, Toys
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                  Earth Henna Tattoos Kit For Kids Henna tattoo kits are fun to use and come with pre-measured henna powder and mixing solution, stencil designs, and fine applicator tip, so easy to use, even a child can do it. The Earth Henna Body Painting Kit is the safest, most child-friendly kit on the market for creating beautiful temporary tattoos on hands, feet, face, or legs.

                  Earth Henna Tattoos Body Painting, Original , Toys
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                    Earth Henna Tattoos Body Painting, Original With Eucalyptus oilapplicator squeeze bottle with screw-on applicator tipA natural henna product that lasts six weeks once mixed and does not require lemon/sugar solution. It's pre-measured for perfect consistency every time, and only needs six hours on the skin for deep, dark, rich color that lasts one to three weeks. Re-usable stencil transfers are included, along with Earth Henna solution, eucalyptus oil, an applicator squeeze bottle with screw-on...

                    Earth Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo Kit , Toys
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                      Earth Jagua Black Temporary Tattoo KitDesigns last 10-15 days on skin.Safe and naturalSafe and naturalNo PPD. This is not henna. All natural, safe, painless, easy to use, and totally temporary! Everyone will think they're real, but they last 10-15 days! Enjoy Earth Jagua's Black Temporary Tattoo Kit!. Used throughout South America by indigenous people for body adornment, Jagua is an edible tropical fruit found in the Amazon. The natural blue/black dye extracted from the fruit creates the look...

                      PIC Wood Rat Trap, Insect and pest control
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                        PIC Wood Rat TrapDurable metal tension spring and Kiln-dried wood base. It is packed in clear bag and has super strong staples and sets easily.Durable metal tension springKiln-dried wood baseSuper strong staples, sets easily

                        Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Kit Refills, Clean Breeze, Laundry Needs
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                          Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Kit Refills, Clean BreezeFabric Protection cleans 6 loads and 4 cloths per load, this is the economical way to keep your dry clean only clothes freshly laundered without purchasing the Starter Kit again.Clean garments and breezy clean scent.Cleaning refillNo fading, No stretching and No shrinking.