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Flower Valley reusable cotton bags, 3" x 5", Plastics, Foil and Tissues
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    Flower Valley reusable cotton bags, 3" x 5"Contains No Color Dyes100% CottonIdeal for Teas, Cooking, Bath Herbs, Sachets, Camping and Backpacking3 Bags, 3"x5"Infuse her teas, coffee, mulled spice drinks The Cotton Bag holds enough of your herb and spice blends to make a large pot. Add to water, cider, or wine.Cooking with fine herbsPut bay, chives tarragon, pepper corns or garlic cloves in a Cotton Bag for a recoverable seasoning in soups and stews.Bath HerbsFor a relaxing bath, fill Cotton...

    Flower Valley ayate washcloth 100% natural fibers,
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      Flower Valley ayate washcloth 100% natural fibersAyate Washcloth, which is made of 100% natural fibers, helps to gently remove dead skin cells, increase circulation and revive the skin.Restore, stimulates skin to smooth invigorating freshness.Long-lasting, quick drying.Better than a loofa- resists mold.Machine washable.Useful in the kitchen efficient mar-free utility cloth.Hand woven.Imported from Mexico.Soaked in water, natural fibers expand; weave tightens like magic.Warning: California’s...